The Singing Robot ver. 2.0 is a new project of crazy engineers from DIPOL who decided to design and make human-like robot consisting mainly of products offered by the company.

Based on the construction experience from the previous version, supported by 3D printing technology and ARDUINO platform, the team of engineers from DIPOL created a robot that is smarter and much more handsome than its predecessor, and sings even better.

The 2.0 version also has far better manual and motor skills, which we suggest you to check by giving the robot your hand ;-).
    1) Switch TP-Link TL-SF1005D N29915
    2) IP cameras Hikvision DS-2CD2F22FWD-I
    3) Wireless Remote Control Extension 2079T/R R94116
    4) Housing of SIGNAL MP-0508L multiswitch R6944508
    5) Rotor GL-402
    6) HD-TVI Camera V-CAM 361 M7404
    7) Wall Bracket Sunell SN-BK323 M5731
    8) Distribution/Termination Box ULTIMODE TB-02B
    9) Single-cable dSCR Multiswitch Terra SRM-521 R80521
    10) Professional F-connector Platinum E80274 for Triset-113 Cable E1015
    11) Body of HD-TVI Camera N-CAM 870 M7486
    12) Pan-Tilt mechanism of HD-TVI Camera N-CAM 870 M7486
    13) Palm printed on ATMAT SIGNAL XL P211261
    14) Patch-panels for 19" RACK Cabinets SIGNAL
    15) LTE Antenna ATK-LOG ALP LTE A7044
    16) HDMI to IP Converter SIGNAL HD H3607
    17) Access Point TP-Link TL-WA7510N
    18) Access Point TP-Link EAP110 N2562
    19) Double F-f to F-f adapter E8239
    20) F connectors MASTER
    21) Multiswitch SIGNAL MP-0504L R6944504

    • 3G Wireless Routers TP-LINK TL-MR3420 N2957
    • Bluetooth speaker BOSE
    • Tablet SAMSUNG
    • LED television with multimedia playback function
    • Steel frame made of antenna masts
    • Asynchronous motors with gears for arm and trunk drives
    • Electric door locks for eyebrow movement
    • Central door lock actuators for driving the jaws and feet
    • Elements of Signal RACK cabinets
    • Screws, bolts, springs, fishing line, steel cord
    • Very many other parts ;)
Thanks to advanced artificial intelligence, the DIPOL's Robot can communicate and sing in many languages and dialects. Its repertoire includes both classic Polish songs and the latest hits straight from the world music charts. The robot, unknown why, prefers to perform for female audience ;-).

From the technical point of view, its loud voice can be heard thanks to high quality amplifier and speakers. The audio system is coupled to the actuator moving the jaw with the help of an innovative control system based on digital spectrum analyzer. The jaw is built from the multiswitch housing. Teeth are made from short fragments of Triset 113 cable.
The advanced forearm and palm is a combination of 3D printing technology products and elements of N-CAM 870 PTZ camera. The fingers of the palms are controlled by means of servo-driven strands.

The palm rotates thanks to two stepper motors that are normally responsible for the rotation and tilt of the camera. Both palms have autonomous control systems based on ATMEGA 8 microcontrollers.
The robot's movements are controlled by a digital spectrum analyzer connected via optical couplers to a relay system. The relays control motors and actuators mounted to the frame. Thanks to this arrangement, the robot can dance, stamp, sing, move its neck and eyebrows. Each hand has its own internal control system based on Atmega microcontrollers connecting wirelessly with the rest of the system. The general concept is distributed control. For example, the hands can be detached from the trunk in a few seconds, but the robot does not like it very much!
The robot often visits trade fairs and exhibitions related to robotics, where visitors want to learn as much as possible about its operation, listen how it sings and, above all, shake its hand and take a selfie. Below there are some photos from various events that have been visited by the robot so far.

DIPOL at Energetab 2017


Report from SAT KRAK 2017 trade fair

Robocomp robotics festival
Energetab 2017
Students of CKZIU 2 in Raciborz, grade 4 ET
Energetab 2017
Students of ZST Cieszyn, grade 3 M
Energetab 2017
Students of ZSTIO in Skoczow
Eurotool 2017
Students of ZST in Mikolow
Eurotool 2017
The Robot and its fans