SADP application - tool for integrating CCTV systems based on HIKVISION equipment

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SADP (Serch Active Device Protocol) is a simple tool designed to support ULTIMAX and ULTIMAX-Hikvision DVRs, ULTICAM cameras, and ULTINET video servers - with a PC connected to the same local network (LAN). It allows to manage the network parameters of the DVRs, IP cameras, and video servers. The software runs on Windows XP/Vista/7. The compressed files (WinRAR) can be downloaded from HERE.
The files should be extracted into the same folder
Before running the application the user has to install WinPcap supplied in the resource kit. WinPcap is a set of libraries for Windows, enabling applications such as SADP to gain access to network packets that are on the stack, without interaction with the upper layers of the network. SADP itself does not need not be installed. All files, however, should be in the same directory, which should be placed in a path protected against accidental erasure of data. The shortcut to the executable file can be placed on the desktop.
Files supplied in the package along with the SADP application
To allow SADP to operate properly, the computer can operate only one network card. Other network cards, if installed, have to be turned off.
How to disable the second network adapter in Windows XP
Sample solution of the network architecture is shown in the diagram below. Frequently, it appears that the IP addresses of some devices are unknown or even invisible to other network devices. SADP protocol runs continuously detecting devices having a different class of IP address.
After launching the utility, all devices will be found automatically. The window consists of several elements: the list of detected devices and side panel that contains information and editing/saving fields. As shown in the example, there have been found three devices: one with the IP address, and two newly added with the addresses and After selecting one of them in the list, the boxes on the right will provide its details (in the example - of the first one).
Main window of the SADP application
How to integrate individual components of the monitoring system?
To make simple changes to the settings of a network device, the user should select the device from the list and click "modify" button. The header of the panel provides serial number of the device (the same as on the sticker on its housing).
Modifying network settings for the selected device
Some inactive (gray) fields will change into edit mode. The user can change the device port number, IP address and subnet mask. After changing the field "--please input the password--" it is necessary to enter the administrator's password for the device. The default password is "12345." The "save" button allows to save the settings.
Editing network parameters
After saving the changes the program refreshes the list of devices and displays a confirmation message.
Successful introduction of changes - confirmation message
Similar operations can be performed for all compatible devices.
Default password recovery.
It may happen that the administrator's password for the DVR or other device is lost. In such a case the user has to contact the installer or distributor. In addition to providing the necessary documents proving ownership of the DVR and the identity of the owner, it is necessary to give the serial number which can be read from the SADP program. Running this program, the user will see the device in the local network, regardless of its address and password. It is no problem to write down the serial number.
Finding the serial number of a device
Password recovery procedure usually takes 1-2 business days. After requesting the technical department, as a feedback the owner receives unlock code. The code is valid only for 24 hours (since the moment of registering for the DVR).
The unlock code should be entered into SADP. After running the application and finding the device, it has to be put in the "-Resume default password-" field.
Default password recovery
After entering the code, the default password "12345" will be restored.