SAT IF/IF Channel Converter TERRA cs464

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SAT IF/IF Channel Converter TERRA cs464
SAT IF/IF Channel Converter TERRA cs464
SAT IF/IF Channel Converter TERRA cs464
SAT IF/IF Channel Converter TERRA cs464 R81464
SAT IF/IF Channel Converter TERRA cs464
View of the included accessories: wall mount, spacer, RF bridge, terminating resistor
Key features
  • Distribution of satellite channels within SAT IF rage (950-2150 MHz)
  • Distribution of channels from 64 satellite transponders
  • Configuration from a web browser via RJ-45 port
  • All channels can be received by typical SAT TV receiver
  • Distribution of channels from different transponders, satellites, polarizations and bands via a single coaxial cable
  • The same cable can distribute terrestrial signals
  • Application of additional amplifiers allows for deployment of large SMATV systems
Converters of the first satellite intermediate frequency, also called IF/IF processors, change the frequencies of individual satellite transponders and equalize their levels. The frequency change takes place within the range of the first SAT IF (i.e. in the frequency range the same as at the output of the LNB). IF/IF converters allow the installer to select and combine transponders (packages of TV channels) that should be distributed in the system.
Distribution of signals in such a system requires devices operating in the 5-2150 MHz frequency range. The equipment consists of amplifiers, splitters, taps, cables, outlets. The IF/IF conversion allows for distribution of signals from different transponders, satellites, polarizations and bands using a single coaxial cable without the use of switching elements such as multiswitches. The RF distribution network is practically identical with that of terrestrial/cable TV (except higher bandwidth) and can be based on pass-through or star concept.
All users of such systems have to employ digital SAT TV receivers.
Any professional system containing more than one IF/IF converter module should be connected to QUATRO LNB
Name cs432   cs464
Code R81432  R81464 

  RF input 

Frequency range [MHz]    250...2350
Number of inputs
Signal level [dBμV]  55...88 60...93 
Symbol rate [Ms/s]   3...45
Return loss [dB] / Impedance [Ω]  >10 / 75  
 LNB power & control
 0/13/18 V max 300 mA, DiSEqC 1.0 

  RF output
Number of outputs
Frequency range [MHz]    950...2150 z krokiem 1 MHz
Channel bandwidth [MHz]   20...60
Number of channels max 32  max 64 
Level at 2150 MHz [dBμV]   90 ± 2
Cable attenuation compensation [dB]   5
Carrier level adjustment [dB]    0...-8 by 0.5 dB step
Output level adjustment [dB]    0...-15 by 1 dB step
Return loss [dB] / Impedance [Ω] >10 / 75  
In-band spurious products [dB]   <-35
Frequency range of RF combiner [MHz] 5...2150 -
Attenuation of RF combiner [dB]  < 1 -
Supply voltage [VDC]  12 ± 1  
Current consumption
without external DC feeding [A] 
 0.43  0.81
Current consumption
with max load [A]
 2.80 3.17 
Operating temperature range [ºC]    0...+50
Dimensions [mm]/Weight [kg]   36x198x107/0.9 48x198x107/1