SATEL ACU-270 (miniature ABAX wireless system controller)

Code: G2602
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SATEL ACU-270 (miniature ABAX wireless system controller)
View of the ACU-270 wireless controller
ACU-270 is a controller for ABAX wireless systems designed to work with INTEGRA and VERSA alarm control panels. It offers the capability to expand the control panels with wireless devices of the ABAX family, with two-way communication with confirmation of all transmissions. It also allows the alarm systems to be operated by means of wireless keypads as well as remote control keyfobs of the ABAX bidirectional system. Thanks to modern wireless module, the range can reach 500 m (in open space). An advantage of the ACU-270 module is the compact size of its casing, which makes it easy to install or even hide in any location.
  • Compatible with INTEGRA and VERSA panels (connection through the communication bus)
  • Support for up to 48 wireless devices of the ABAX system:
    • detectors: AFD-100, AGD-100, AMD-100, AMD-101, AMD-102, AMD-103, APD-100, APMD-150, ARD-100, ASD-110, ATD-100, AVD-100
    • sirens: ASP-105, ASP-205
    • other devices: ACX-200, ACX-201, ARF-100, ARU-100, ASW-100 E / ASW-100 F
  • Support for up to 8 wireless keypads within the ABAX system (depending on the control panel)
  • Support for up to 248 APT-100 key fobs (depending on the control panel)
  • Two-way encrypted radio communication in the 868 MHz frequency band
  • Modern radio system
  • Programmed via a control panel keypad:
    • in service mode
    • using DLOADX software
  • RS-232 TTL port to connect a computer, which makes controller firmware update possible without having to dismantle the controller
  • Tamper switch responding to the enclosure opening/separation from the mounting surface
  • Compact enclosure for easy installation in a suitable place
  • Environmental class II
  • Compliant with EN 50130-4, EN 50130-5, EN 50131-1, EN 50131-3, EN 50131-5-3
  • Adherent to EN50131-3 standard: Grade 2
Name ACU-270
Code G2602
Supply voltage [V] 12 V
Max current consumption
75 mA
Standby current consumption
47 mA
Range up to 500 m
(open space)
Operating band
868 MHz
Dimensions 26 x 112 x 29 mm
Operating temperature range


Nazwa ACU-270
Kod G2602
Napięcie wejściowe DC 12 V
Maksymalny pobór prądu 75 mA
Pobór prądu w stanie gotowości 47 mA
Zasięg do 500 m
(w terenie otwartym)
Pasmo częstotliwości pracy 868 .. 868,6 MHz
Wymiary 26 x 112 x 29 mm
Zakres temperatur pracy -10…+55 °C