Satellite Dish INVERTO IDLB-STCF 120cm (dark color)



Satellite Dish INVERTO IDLB-STCF 120cm (dark color)
View of the dish

Satellite Dish INVERTO IDLB-STCF 120cm (dark color)
Rear view

Offset satellite dish with size of 120 cm of renown INVERTO brand, designed for SMATV systems and demanding individual installations. The 42.3 dBi gain of the A9649 dish ensures reliable reception of HD channels even in adverse weather conditions. The reflector of the dish is made of galvanized steel and is powder-coated with polyester paint (dark color). The both layers provide excellent protection against corrosion, UV radiation, mechanical factors. The mounting elements and LNB arm (for neck diameter of 40 mm) are made of aluminum. The precise and robust construction of the A9649 dish guarantees very good C/N ratio and resistance to the influence of wind. The high quality dish, manufactured in Europe, is very easy to install.
The antenna is designed for shared antenna systems (SMATV) in multi-dwelling units, hotels, motels, boardinghouses etc, where the requirements for signal strength and quality are higher than in the case of individual installations.

Key features
  • high quality and resistance to adverse weather conditions
  • robust design
  • fast and easy installation
  • gain of 42.3 dBi

Code A9649
Offset angle [°]
Rated frequency range [GHz] 10.7 - 12.75
Energetic gain [dBi] 42.3
Material  galvanized steel
Finish powder polyester paint
Color dark
Dimensions [cm] 108 x122
LNB neck diameter [mm] 40
F/D 0.5
LNB arm material
Operating temperature range [°C] -40...60
Max (operating) wind speed [km/h] 90
Max (survival) wind speed [km/h]