DVB-T/T2 antenna ASP-8W LUX DVB-T/T2 with LNA-177 amplifier and LTE 5G filter
Code: A0024
Compact FM antenna (88-108 MHz), omnidirectional, packed in foil. Active parts made of anodized aluminum (gold color). Electro-galvanized steel structural components. The set includes matching transformer.
Code: A0220
This product is no longer available

LNA-177-5G 27 dB box antenna amplifier is designed to receive DVB-T2 digital terrestrial television signal.
• Suitable for all antennas manufactured by DIPOL
• Operating band: 174 - 694 MHz
• Max. gain: 27 dB
• High resistance to interfering signals: FM radio, CB, GSM telephony, LTE800, GSM900, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE
Code: B4009

A diplexer, used as combiner or branching filter which sums up signals from two antennas, to be installed on a mast near the antenna set. The diplexer is designed for working outdoors. Construction of the casing protects the device from water. Simple installation thanks to plastic mount. Optional pr...
Code: C0365
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TRISET-113 (internal) double shielded RG6 type coaxial cable has the inner conductor made of 1.13 mm diameter copper wire.
• Designed for all kinds of systems, particularly for terrestrial and satellite TV systems.
• PVC sheath - inner cable
• Screening class: A
• Copper core 1,13 mm.
• Aluminum braid 81%.
• Double screen: foil/sheath
• CPR Class: Eca
• Sold per meters
Code: E1015_1

Code: E3010

Code: E903820
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Wall antenna mount made of galvanized steel, suitable for mounting two terrestrial DVB-T antennas or a DVB-T and an FM/DAB+ antenna. The high (ca. 80 cm) mount is made of a steel pipe with 25 mm diameter, welded to 4 mm thick steel flat bar. A plastic cap prevents water from getting into the pipe.
Code: E9228

Additional hardware suitable for mounting ASP-8 type antennas (includes 4 bushes). Light, inexpensive, made of aluminum, but for locations sheltered from strong winds.
Code: E9250
This product is no longer available

First-class precisely made coaxial antenna plug. Full shielding of the device prevents penetration of interference into the antenna installation. The plug fits the common IEC standard antenna sockets.
• IEC plug
• High quality
• Full shielding
Code: R90800