DAB / DVB-T/T2 Antenna: DIPOL 7/5-12
Code: A0710
Telmor ZWR-210DC C0325 is a masthead diplexer used for combining signals from two antennas, FM/VHF (5-230 MHz) and UHF (470-790 MHz). With the splash-proof box, it can be placed close to the antennas, directly on the antenna mast.
• New! UHF/VHF diplexer for DVB-T
• Shielding casing
• Independent DC pass options for VHF and UHF antennas (12 VDC / 100 mA)
• Insertion loss: 1 dB
• Mounted on a mast in the included splash-proof box
Code: C0325

TRISET-113 (internal) double shielded RG6 type coaxial cable has the inner conductor made of 1.13 mm diameter copper wire.
• Designed for all kinds of systems, particularly for terrestrial and satellite TV systems.
• PVC sheath - inner cable
• Screening class: A
• Copper core 1,13 mm.
• Aluminum braid 81%.
• Double screen: foil/sheath
• CPR Class: Eca
• Sold per meters
Code: E1015_1

Code: E3010

First-class precisely made coaxial antenna plug. Full shielding of the device prevents penetration of interference into the antenna installation. The plug fits the common IEC standard antenna sockets.
• IEC plug
• High quality
• Full shielding
Code: R90800

F socket connector - antenna plug.
• F socket - IEC antenna plug transition
Code: E8260

Outdoor three-input antenna branching filter, used as triplexer for combining signals from three antennas, installed on the mast carrying the antenna set. The construction of the casing prevents rain water from getting to the inside of the device. Simple installation thanks to convenient plastic tie...
• Combining signals from three antennas
• Shielding of the circuitry
• Rubber caps for protecting F connectors
• Easily-mountable on a mast, with plastic tie
• Option for powering a preamplifier in UHF path
Code: C0340