This TWIN LNB is designed for operation with two single receivers or one double (two-tuner) receiver. Noise figure: 0.3 dB.
• Renowned brand of LNBs
• Good signal quality and high stability
• 60 dB gain
• Noise figure of 0.3 dB
Code: A98256

Full band LNB of Golden Interstar has very low noise figure (0.3 dB). It receives satellite broadcasts with horizontal/vertical polarization (selectable by supplying voltage 18V/14 V) within 10.7-11.7 GHz / 11.7-12.75 GHz bands (selectable by TONE signal - 22KHz +/-2KHz, amplitude 0.6V+/-0.2V). Hete...
Code: A9827
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Code: A9895
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Suitable for dishes up to 150 cm in diameter.
• Suitable for dishes up to 150 cm in diameter
• Mount tube diameter: Ø 50 mm
• Mounting: four wall plugs Ø 10 mm
• Swivels for easy installation on a wall or flat roof
• All elements are galvanized
• Weight: 4.2 kg
Code: E8714

The package contains 100 anchors as seen in the picture above. Hole diameter - 12 mm. Intended for 8 mm screws. The length of screw - 80 mm, size of the head - 13 mm.
• Hole diameter: 12 mm
• Screw diameter: 8 mm
• Screw length: 80 mm
• Head/wrench size: 13 mm
Code: E9950

Signal surge protector - an ideal device for everyone who cares for their TV and satellite equipment: multiswitch, satellite receiver, television, stereo - the best precautionary measure against thunderstorms that can happen not only in the summer, but also in the fall and springtime. The device ca...
• Lightning protection of TV and SAT TV devices
• Pass band: 5-2400 MHz
• Insertion loss not higher than 1.5 dB
• Maximum current (8/20 µs): 8 kA
• Screening efficiency: A class
Code: R48602

This Golden Interstar switch enables users of satellite receivers to get access to programs from several satellite positions. The switch can cooperate with majority of digital receivers on the market (with built-in DiSEqC or Tone Burst generator).
Code: R852507
This product is no longer available