Fte eXcellento QUATRO LNB (0.1dB, black)
Code: A9864
Offset satellite dish with size of 120 cm of renown INVERTO brand, designed for SMATV systems and demanding individual installations. The 42.3 dBi gain of the A9649 dish ensures reliable reception of HD channels even in adverse weather conditions. The reflector of the dish is made of galvanized stee...
Code: A9649
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Satellite dishes are one of many important components of an antenna system. This type of antenna provides reception of the signal that is transmitted by telecommunications satellites providing access to hundreds of foreign programs that are broadcast from even the most remote places in the world.
Code: BIB233
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TRISET-113 (internal) double shielded RG6 type coaxial cable has the inner conductor made of 1.13 mm diameter copper wire.
• Designed for all kinds of systems, particularly for terrestrial and satellite TV systems.
• PVC sheath - inner cable
• Screening class: A
• Copper core 1,13 mm.
• Aluminum braid 81%.
• Double screen: foil/sheath
• CPR Class: Eca
• 100 meters
Code: E1015_100

Tri-Shield DIPOLNET (internal) triple shielded RG6 type coaxial cable has the core made of copper wire with a diameter of 1.02 mm.
• Designed for all types of systems, in particular for terrestrial and satellite TV systems
• Cable type: RG6
• PVC sheath - inner cable
• Triple screen - foil/sheath/foil
• Screening class: A+
• Copper core: 1,02 mm
• 77% aluminum braid
• CPR Class: Eca
• 300 meters
Code: E1220_300

Professional compression antenna socket (IEC) E3006 is specially designed for TRISET-113 cables. This monolithic connector made of nickel-plated brass is not susceptible to corrosion. The highest manufacturing precision ensures perfect appearance and quality of the connection. Proper mounting of the...
• wide operating band (3 GHz)
• very low loss in the whole operating band
• perfect matching to the transmission line within the whole operating band
• simple and quick assembly: longitudinal compression
• monolithic construction, resistance to corrosion
• matched to the cables of TRISET-113 cable family
• suitable for multiple connecting/disconnecting operations
Code: E3006

The E3008 monolithic IEC 113 plug is made ​​of brass plated with nickel and is specially prepared for TRISET cables. The high precision ensures superior quality and professional look. The compression method of installation is very simple and guarantees good and stable connection for a long time.
• wide operating band
• very low loss in the whole operating band
• perfect matching to the transmission line within the whole operating band
• simple and quick assembly: longitudinal compression
• matched to the cables of TRISET-113 family
• quick installation, reliability and durability for competitive price
Code: E3008

The MASTER E8010 stripper is a high quality, versatile tool for preparing coaxial cables to install connectors, a must-have device for each installer. The device is equipped with two adjustable blades for RG-59, RG6, Triset-113, Triset Profi oraz Triset-11 cables, plus a knife for stripping computer...
• Versatile tool for preparing coaxial cables to install connectors
• Two blades to strip RG-59, RG6, Triset-113, Triset Profi and Triset-11 cables
• Knife for stripping computer and telephone cables
• Knife for cutting cables
• Ability to change the blades
Code: E8010

Top-quality F-connector Platinum for use on TRISET-113 coax. The connector has been designed to ensure watertightness both from the side of the cable and the device.
• Compression connector
• For Triset-113 cable
• Water-tight (protection of the cable against water penetration)
• Log-life, insensitivity to temperature changes
Code: E80274

Signal surge protector - an ideal device for everyone who cares for their TV and satellite equipment: multiswitch, satellite receiver, television, stereo - the best precautionary measure against thunderstorms that can happen not only in the summer, but also in the fall and springtime. The device ca...
• Lightning protection of TV and SAT TV devices
• Pass band: 5-2400 MHz
• Insertion loss not higher than 1.5 dB
• Maximum current (8/20 µs): 8 kA
• Screening efficiency: A class
Code: R48602

The TV/SAT wall outlets R694100 are mainly used in multiswitch systems, as the terminal outlets for subscribers' receivers. They are suitable for systems where all signals (FM, TV, SAT TV) are provided by one coaxial cable. The built-in filters separate the satellite and terrestrial (FM and TV) sign...
• Popular outlet used in installations based on multiswitches,
• 3 signal outputs: FM radio, terrestrial TV, satellite TV,
• Suitable for flush or surface mounting,
• Easy installation,
• Max. insertion loss 3.5 dB.
Code: R694100

Radial multiswitches of MR series are dedicated for small and medium (4-70 outlets) SMATV systems with distribution of the first SAT IF and terrestrial TV signals. The multiswitches have to work inside buildings. In the case of larger systems with multiple multiswitches, it is necessary to use split...
• 9/24 multiswitch for systems with radial topology
• Built-in cable loss correction
• Groups of outputs with different output levels
• Isolation between inputs better than 30 dB
• Powering of optional terrestrial TV preamplifier
• Active terrestrial TV path with LTE filter (47-790 MHz)
• Passive terrestrial TV path (5-862 MHz)
• Built-in power supply
• Die-cast housing guarantying high screening efficiency (class A)
Code: R70824