Code: A9866
110 cm high-gain steel satellite dish providing reliable reception in very bad weather conditions or in regions with low signal levels.
Code: A9658
This product is no longer available

TRISET-113 PE (outdoor) double-shielded RG6 type coaxial cable has the core made of copper wire with a diameter of 1.13 mm.
• Designed for all types of systems, particularly for terrestrial and satellite TV systems
• PE-coated outdoor cable
• Resistant to UV radiation
• Gel that prevents the spread of moisture inside
• Screening class: A
• Copper core: 1,13 mm
• Aluminum braid 81%
• Double shield: foil/braid
• CPR Class: Fca
• 100 meters
Code: E1017_100

• IEC plug with very good parameters, for everyone
• Ideal for televisions mounted on walls or outlets behind furniture
• Screening efficiency 115 dB
• Simple installation without special tools
Code: E3001

Professional compression antenna plug (IEC) E3005 is specially designed to the TRISET-113 cables. This monolithic connector made of nickel-plated brass is not susceptible to corrosion. The highest manufacturing precision ensures perfect appearance and quality of the connection. Proper mounting of th...
• Wide operating band (3 GHz)
• Very low loss in the whole operating band
• Simple and quick assembly: longitudinal compression
• Monolithic construction, resistance to corrosion
• Matched to the cables of TRISET-113 cable family
• Suitable for multiple connecting/disconnecting operations
Code: E3005

The E3007 monolithic IEC 113 socket is made ​​of brass plated with nickel and is specially prepared for TRISET cables. The high precision ensures superior quality and professional look. The compression method of installation is very simple and guarantees good and stable connection for a long time.
Code: E3007

The MASTER E80078 universal compression tool is designed for compressing straight and angular F, BNC, RCA, IEC connectors.
• Universal tool for TV/CCTV installers
• Designed for compression of straight and angular F, RCA, BNC, IEC connectors
• Durable tool made from the highest quality materials
• Suitable for connectors with various lengths (adjustment screw)
• Suitable for RG-59, RG-6, Triset-113, Triset Profi cables
Code: E80078

The MASTER E8010 stripper is a high quality, versatile tool for preparing coaxial cables to install connectors, a must-have device for each installer. The device is equipped with two adjustable blades for RG-59, RG6, Triset-113, Triset Profi oraz Triset-11 cables, plus a knife for stripping computer...
• Versatile tool for preparing coaxial cables to install connectors
• Two blades to strip RG-59, RG6, Triset-113, Triset Profi and Triset-11 cables
• Knife for stripping computer and telephone cables
• Knife for cutting cables
• Ability to change the blades
Code: E8010

The E80410 F plug from Cabelcon, Denmark, is intended for applications in home and SMATV systems. The patented design, based on "Self-Install" concept, ensures professional, durable connection, comparable with compression solutions. What is important, no compression tool is needed.
• Unique compression concept
• No tools needed
• Nickel surface
• Class A screening effectiveness
• 3 GHz band
Code: E80410