Coaxial Cable (75 ohm, class A): DIPOLNET Tri-Shield RG-6 Cu Eca Class A+ 1.02/4.8/7.0 [500m]
Code: E1220_500
The E1910 stand with 35 mm holding tube is used for unwinding coaxial cables from reels with max height/width of 390 mm and diameter up to 420 mm. A very useful accessory for every antenna installer.
• For convenient unwinding coaxial cables from reels
• 35 mm holding tube
• Max. max width/diameter of the reel: 390 mm / 420 mm
• Intended for Dipolnet RG-6 and Tri-Lan 240 cables
Code: E1910

Installation tool for F connectors
• Easy screwing F-connectors onto cable ends
• Comfortable handle
• Especially useful for coaxial cables with PE
Code: E80072

MASTER is a multipurpose tool suitable for compressing F, BNC, RCA, and IEC compression connectors.
• Designed for MASTER compression connectors
• For quick and reliable installation of connectors in TV/SAT and CCTV systems
• Durable tool, made from the highest quality materials
• Compact size
• Suitable for F, RCA, BNC, IEC compression connectors
• Adjustable compression length
• For RG-59, RG-6, Triset-113, Triset Profi cables
Code: E80075

Compression tool for compression connectors (F, BNC, IEC) for mounting on TRISET-113, TRISET-11, CAMSET cables. Suitable for E80274, E80275 connectors.
• Compression tool for Platinum connectors
• Suitable for BNC and F-type connectors
• Simple operation
• Ensures stability and reliability of connections
Code: E80077

The MASTER E8010 stripper is a high quality, versatile tool for preparing coaxial cables to install connectors, a must-have device for each installer. The device is equipped with two adjustable blades for RG-59, RG6, Triset-113, Triset Profi oraz Triset-11 cables, plus a knife for stripping computer...
• Versatile tool for preparing coaxial cables to install connectors
• Two blades to strip RG-59, RG6, Triset-113, Triset Profi and Triset-11 cables
• Knife for stripping computer and telephone cables
• Knife for cutting cables
• Ability to change the blades
Code: E8010

Top-quality F-connector Platinum for use on TRISET-113 coax. The connector has been designed to ensure watertightness both from the side of the cable and the device.
• Compression connector
• For Triset-113 cable
• Water-tight (protection of the cable against water penetration)
• Log-life, insensitivity to temperature changes
Code: E80274

The monolithic E80345 F-connector is made ​​of brass plated with nickel and is specially prepared for RG-6 Tri-Shield cable. The material used ensures resistance to corrosion. High precision ensures superior quality and professional look. The compression method of installation is very simple and gua...
• Master F connector ideally suited for "tri-shield' cables
• Wide operating band
• Very low loss in the whole operating band
• Waterproof termination of the cable
• Resistance to corrosion - non-ferrous metals, monolithic construction
• Simple and quick assembly: longitudinal compression
• Two compression rings
• Properly compressed connection is highly resistant to break

Code: E80345

HA-131L R82304 is a high power RF amplifier (FM and TV signals), with gain up to 36 dB and output level up to 122 dBμV. This characteristics makes it ideal for medium and large shared antenna systems (MATV).
• New! - High power FM/TV amplifier for use in antenna systems
• Max output level of 122 dBμV
• 36 dB gain in 88-790 MHz band
• LTE filter (for signals >790 MHz)
• Continuous gain adjustment (two sub-ranges)
• Continuous slope adjustment (two sub-ranges)
• Die-cast housing
• 4-year warranty
Code: R82304

The MA075L R82330 house amplifier with an LTE filter is used for FM and TV systems, ensuring gain up to 35 dB (in the FM and VHFIII bands) and 47 dB (in the UHF band).
• Integrated LTE filter
• 35 dB gain in FM and VHFIII bands, and 47 dB gain in UHF band
• On-off switch to divert power supply voltage 12 VDC at 100 mA to an optional preamp in the UHF path
• Die-cast housing for high screening efficiency, preventing the external interference from reaching the device
Code: R82330