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Video Monitoring

Selecting CCTV Equipment

Comparison of IP NVRs – Signal & Ultimax
The article describes in detail the technical capabilities of Signal and Ultimax IP NVRs used in IP video surveillance systems (IP CCTV). It also provides a list of compatible IP cameras and ​​a tabular comparison of technical parameters of the different models of the NVRs with the aim of capturing the most important differences.
New series of HIKVISION/ULTIMAX DVRs for analog cameras
Hikvision/Ultimax DVRs belong to the newest generation of digital video recorders for analog video surveillance systems. They have been designed on the basis of thorough knowledge and experience in CCTV technology of DIPOL and HIKVISION companies. More than 20 years of experience in contact with customers, remarks of the installers and users of our products, resulted in the creation of innovative products able to meet the most demanding requirements. With the introduction of the Ultimax line, we can offer devices that are better tailored to the customer's requirements than standard versions ...
Comparison of portable DVR cameras from PROTECT line
PROTECT line consists of portable DVR cameras dedicated for indoor use (including applications in vehicles). High quality video captured by the cameras and audio from the built-in microphones are directly recorded on the inserted memory cards.
Redbeam - reliable light in all conditions
New generation of CCTV illuminators
IR illuminators of Redbeam series are modern devices for providing homogeneous IR light in the monitored area in order to enable CCTV cameras to capture images in low-light or no-light environments. The advantage of the series is application of specially designed LED array (instead of a conventional set of diodes) which, together with optical lens/es, ensures desired operational angle and distance.
A short CCTV guide for investors and developers -
12 questions and answers
What types of threats are going to be monitored? What areas are going to be monitored? What is the aim of monitoring individual areas? What is the required level of automation? What reaction of the system should be exercised when individual areas are violated? How long will the video footage be stored on the hard disk? What environmental conditions will devices have to work in? What way of control of the system is anticipated? What are the required resolutions and frame rates of images from different areas? What is sufficient range and security level of signal transmission? How to manage the ...
Megapixel video surveillance in practice
IP video surveillance has as many supporters as opponents. This is due to many reasons. These include: the price of the equipment, requirements for the transmission medium, image quality, mobility, possibility of building distributed systems, stability of operation etc. Analog and IP cameras. Hybrid solutions. Megapixel cameras. DVRs with network functions. Trends.
Top quality optics - Tokina
Tokina is Japanese company that has been known in the world since 1951 for its quality products used in photography. Since 1996 the company has been manufacturing special lenses for CCTV cameras. Below we present different models, in order to facilitate the selection of the most appropriate one for specific conditions.
Video surveillance in schools
Many people understand that even best educative measures cannot solve the problem of violence in schools. One of efficient methods of improving safety in a school is CCTV surveillance system.