Self-supporting Cable OPTIX AirFlow S-QOTKSdD (4x9/125 ITU-T G.657A2, span 80m)

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Optix AirFlow SQOTKSdD L7404 is self-supporting cable for FTTx systems, with 4 fibers. Strong enough for spans up to 80 m long.
• Very tough
• Applications: outdoor
• Fiber type: single mode
• Fiber standard: G.657A2
• Number of fibers: 4
• Max. length of span 80 m
• Lightweight, easy to install


2-year warranty.



Optix AirFlow SQOTKSdD L7404 is a universal (for outdoor and indoor use), round and self-supporting cable for FTTx systems, strengthened by aramid fibers (supporting element in aerial installations). The light construction with small diameter (3 mm), high flexibility and high tensile strength enable installers to build suspended lines with spans up to 80 m.
The cable has been specially designed to ensure very good protection of fibers and ease of installation. The G.657A2 fibers allow for very small bending diameter (even 7.5 mm). The cable is intended for aerial installations and for use in primary and secondary telecommunication ducts. It can be deployed using pneumatic or mechanical methods.
The cable (1000 m) is wound on a rotary spool located in a cardboard box, from which it can be easily pulled out. The price is given for 1 meter.


Product type Fiber optic cable
Name AirFlow S-QOTKSdD
Cable type Outdoor, Self-supporting
Number of fibers 4
Fibers type Single-mode, 9/125
standard G.657A2
buffer 250 μm
CPR class FCA
Outer sheath material PE
Hydrophobic gel No
Gain Aramid fibers
Central tube No
Outer diameter mm 3
Maximum pulling force dynamic N 800
static N no data
Min. bending radius static mm 30
installation mm 30
Temperature range operation °C -20...60
installation °C no data
storage °C no data
Cable length m Sold per meter