Shielded Antenna Preamplifier: LNA-177-5G (box-mounted, 27 dB)

LNA-177-5G antenna preamplifier is designed to receive DVB-T2 digital terrestrial television signal. It is mounted in antenna boxes. Suitable for all antennas manufactured by DIPOL. Ideal for weak signals with low signal-to-noise ratio.
The amplifier requires a 12V DC power supply for proper operation.
Key features:
  • Gain level: 27 dB
  • Gain band: UHF and VHF (channels 5-12/21-48)
  • Power supply via DC 12V coaxial cable
  • High quality F-socket for good connection, convenient and easy installation
  • Lightweight metal alloy housing with high resistance to interference and weather conditions
  • High resistance to interfering signals : FM radio, CB, GSM telephony, LTE800, GSM900, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE
  • Low noise factor
  • Gain characteristics that compensate for coaxial cable attenuation
  • Recommended for installation in an antenna box at a distance of 20-90 km from the transmitter, depending on terrain and transmitter power