Shopping information

1. How to find the product you are looking for?
  • The shop is divided into several main departments: Antennas, Repeaters, TV, SAT TV, CCTV, IP CCTV, WLAN, LAN, Fiber Optics, Cables, Installations.
  • Please select the department and category clicking on its name in the upper part of the page.
  • Choosing the category you get subcategories with lists of items below.
  • Selecting (clicking) different kinds of products you may focus on specific sort of items. To move back to the parent category, just use the navigation path displayed on the left, below the company's logo, or choose again the department and category.
  • Clicking on the picture, code, or name of a product you can read detailed description of the item (catalog card).
  • Another way of looking for a specific kind of product is provided by the searching engine. Enter a keyword or code of an item and click "SEARCH". As the result you will get a list of items (if there is a match).
2. How to complete the order?
  • When you have found the desired product, enter the number of pieces you want to buy (by default: 1), and then click on the Cart icon.
  • Below the Cart there is star-shape icon meaning "Favorites". Click on it if you plan to buy the chosen item in the future - it will help you to place next orders. To use this feature you need to log in first.
  • In the case of temporary shortage of some goods, instead of Cart icon there is an image of a dog (watchdog). After clicking on this icon you will be informed about the availability of the product via e-mail. To use this feature you need to log in first.
  • Any moment you can check the contents of your shopping cart by clicking on "MY CART" (in the upper part of the website) and modify them as you want.
  • Diagrams of installations/systems provide functionality to add to the shopping cart complete sets of items shown in the presented solutions. By clicking "Add to the Cart items from the diagram" you have in your shopping cart the appropriate range and quantity of the items (a list). In the case of cables etc, the list provides available quantity options. You can change the number/quantity of each item in the list. Each item/quantity has to be confirmed by clicking the shopping cart icon.
3. How to finalize the transaction?
  • Click on "MY CART" or "CHECKOUT" button to check the contents of your cart. In the bottom of the list there is total value of the order. You can still change the contents of your shopping cart.
  • Click "Next" button. Login page is displayed, unless you have been logged in before. Please log in, or - when you are a new customer - register first (enter your data).
  • After clicking "Log in" you will see the contents of your cart again.
  • After clicking "Next", fill out the data on the next page, which are needed to process the order, among others: completion option, address for service, sales document type, invoice data, method of payment.
  • Click "Next" to display order statement.
  • If the values and all the data are correct, please click on "I ORDER" button to accept the order. The feedback will contain the order number.
  • The order progress and details on "Prepayment" option are visible after clicking My Account button in the upper right corner of the site, and then "Orders".
4. How to purchase products from DIPOL in a traditional way?
  • The Customer placing order at our e-Store is dealt with by Internet Store Warehouse at the DIPOL Headquarters in Krakow.
  • The orders may be placed in person or via e-mail too.
  • The appropriate contacts can be found on the CONTACT link.