SIGNAL 19" Rack Cabinet (12U 450 mm, hanging)

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19" RACK cabinet (12U 450 mm) suitable for mounting all sorts of devices in standard 19" rack housings, as well as some devices not compliant with this standard. Ideal for installing headends, for various kinds of equipment, also in home systems. Increasingly, home LAN, TV, CCTV devices are compliant with RACK system and are mounted in such cabinets which ensure esthetic look and protection against accidental mechanical damage.
• For mounting routers, LAN switches, NVRs/DVRs, compact headends etc.
• Useful height 12U, depth 450 mm
• Easy to mount, solid construction
• Packed in a single cardboard box


5-year warranty.



19" RACK cabinet (12U 450 mm) suitable for mounting all sorts of devices in standard 19" rack housings, as well as some devices not compliant with this standard. Ideal for installing headends, for various kinds of equipment, also in home systems.
The cabinet can also house devices that are not in standard 19" rack housings, for example multiswitches, RF amplifiers, modulators, DVRs, servers. For this purpose the user should mount additional shelf/shelves available for this cabinet.
The rack cabinet has many openings ensuring adequate air circulation. Additionally, it is possible to install fans to increase the ventilation.
Non-rack devices can be mounted on the four-point mounted shelves R912028, with a depth of 450 mm.
To ground the cabinet, the grounding connector should be connected to a ground system through the R912003 set.
Self-assembly kit. All parts are shipped in single cardboard box (600x530x170 mm).

The self-assembling time is typically less than 10 minutes.
Distinguishing features:
  • Height:
    • 12U
  • Depth:
    • 450 mm
  • Width:
    • 570 mm
    Carrying capacity: 60 kg
  • Self-assembling time ca 10 minutes
  • Holes for cables:
    • in rear panel
    • on top
    • in the bottom
  • Ventilation openings:
    • in side panels
    • in doors
  • Removable side panels
  • Removable rear panel
  • Convertible left/right swing door
  • The kit packed in one cardboard box
  • Front doors with door handle and lock
  • Side panels with locks
  • Six keys
  • Four rack rails for mounting devices (2x front, 2x rear)
    • Possibility to change the spacing between the front and rear rails
  • Marked distances (1U) on mounting rails
  • Grounding connector
  • Possibility to mount two R912026 fans
  • Wall mounting with:
    • mounting bracket for hanging cabinets R912027 (not included)
    • hangers (not included)
Distinguishing features of the original hanging SIGNAL RACK cabinet
The side panels are blocked
with special fixtures
The safety of the equipment mounted inside
is improved by the locks in the side panels
The cabinet has four rails
with adjustable depth.
Their spacing is determined by the size
of the mounted devices.
Openings in the lower and upper parts of the cabinet ensure good ventilation
The top of the cabinet has openings
for cables and fans
The bottom of the cabinet
also has openings for cables
The front door is equipped
with a lockable handle
All the components of the cabinet
are packed in a single cardboard box
the compliance with international standards.
Document confirming the compliance of the cabinet with general safety requirements contained in Chapter II of the General Product Safety Directive (2001/95/EC) of 3 December 2001 and in the guidelines of the EN 60950-1:2007 international standard, issued by KOMAG INSTITUTE OF MINING TECHNOLOGY
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Product RACK cabinet 19" 12U 450 mm hanging
Product code R912021
Product type RACK cabinet
RACK standard 19'
type Hanging
Applications indoor
Dimensions Height U 12
Height mm 630
Depth mm 450
Width mm 570
Compliance Directive 2001/95/EC, PN-EN 60950-1:2007
Material Steel
Color RAL9004 (black)
Rack load kg 60
Estimated installation time min. 10
Specific properties
Door front Glazed
back Cover
left/right door installation Yes
Side walls removable Yes
Lock Yes
Back wall removable cover Yes
Mounting rails number pcs. 4
Vertical cable organizer Yes (2 pcs.)
Handle type Handle with lock
Number of keys included 6
Grounding connector Yes
U unit marking on RACK rails marker Yes
number No
Seating functionalities wall mounting possibility Yes
possibility to mount castors No
castors included No
feet included No
plinth mounting option No
Packing size carton 1 mm 670 × 600 × 180
carton 4 mm 560 × 600 × 200
Holes for cables in the back wall Yes
in side walls No
In the ceiling Yes
In the floor Yes
Ventilation holes in the back wall No
in side walls Yes
In the ceiling Yes
In the floor No
in the door Yes
Holes for fans mm 105 × 105 (2 piece)
Weight kg 24