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Standing Cabinets


SIGNAL 19" RACK Cabinet (24U 600x800mm, standing)
Code: R912012
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279.02 EUR279.02 EUR0 %
4-year warranty
RACK assembly kit (4x screw+washer+nut)
View of the cabinet
RACK assembly kit (4x screw+washer+nut)
RACK assembly kit (4x screw+washer+nut)
RACK assembly kit (4x screw+washer+nut)
RACK assembly kit (4x screw+washer+nut)
Other views of the cabinet (also partially disassembled)
Distinguishing features:
  • Height:
    • 24U
  • Depth:
    • 800 mm
  • Width:
    • 600 mm
  • Carrying capacity: 800 kg
  • Self-assembling time ca 10 minutes (one person)
  • Holes for cables:
    • on top
    • in the bottom
  • Ventilation openings:
    • in side panels
    • in front doors
    • in the rear panel
  • Removable side panels
  • Convertible left/right swing door
  • The kit packed in three cardboard boxes
  • Front doors with door handle and lock
  • Four keys
  • Four rack rails (angles) for mounting devices (2x front, 2x rear)
  • Marked distances (1U) on mounting rails
  • Grounding connector
  • Possibility to mount four R912026 fans
  • The cabinet can be moved on wheels and secured in the desired position by unscrewing 4 legs until they firmly rest on the floor.
Increasingly, home LAN, TV, CCTV devices are compliant with RACK system and are mounted in such cabinets which ensure esthetic look and protection against accidental mechanical damage.
the compliance with international standards.
The document issued by KOMAG INSTITUTE OF MINING TECHNOLOGY in Gliwice, Poland, confirming the compliance with general safety requirements contained in Chapter II of the General Product Safety Directive (2001/95/EC) of 3rd December 2001 and in the guidelines of the EN 62368-1:2015-03 international standard. The test procedure included e.g. testing the mechanical strength and protection against access to live parts or mechanical strength.

19" RACK cabinet suitable for mounting all sorts of devices in standard 19" rack housings. Ideal for installing headends, for various kinds of equipment, also in home systems.
The cabinet can also house devices that are not in standard 19" rack housings, for example multiswitches, RF amplifiers, modulators, DVRs, servers. For this purpose the user should mount additional shelf/shelves available for this cabinet.
The rack cabinet has many openings ensuring adequate air circulation. Additionally, it is possible to install fans to increase the ventilation.
To place some devices, there may be needed four-point mounted shelves R912030 with a depth of 360 mm (to be bought separately).
To ground the cabinet, the grounding connector should be connected to a ground system through the R912003 set.
Self-assembly kit. All parts are shipped in three cardboard boxes.

The self-assembling time is typically less than 10 minutes.
NameSIGNAL 19" Rack Cabinet (24U 800x600mm; standing)
Internal width ["]19
Internal height [U]24
External width [mm]600
External height [mm]1250
External depth [mm]800
Carrying capacity [kg]
Weight [kg]73
ColorBlack RAL9004
Holes for fans (4) [mm]105x105
Doors/side panelsfrontGlass
sidesSteel (snap-in)


Price w/o taxPriceDisc.Validity  
279.02 EUR279.02 EUR0 %
SIGNAL 19" RACK Cabinet (24U 600x800mm, standing)
Code: R912012