SIGNAL CCTV sealed box 210/230/145 IP66

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Sealed box designed for mounting to the pole or wall. Designed for CCTV systems. A mounting plate and two DIN rails are provided inside the box.
• Designed for CCTV systems
• Mounting to a pole or wall
• Dimensions 210/230/145 mm
• Door protected by gasket, lockable by key
• 6 cable glands (to be punched)
• Incl. 6 cable glands (2x PG13.5, 4x PG9)
• Metal mounting plate (removable)
• Two DIN rails
• Protective wires
• Tightness class IP66


3-year warranty.



SIGNAL CCTV 210/230/145 mm sealed box is designed for mounting on a pole or wall. Inside, there is a mounting plate which can be easily removed, and two DIN rails for easy installation of components such as switches, power supplies, media converters or mini fiber optic distribution frames. Additionally, the box has protective wires which can be connected to active devices.
The design of the box has two main advantages: the possibly small size of the cabinet so that it looks good at camera locations on poles or walls, and convenience of installation of individual components taking into account the power supply cabling, twisted-pair cables, optical fibers, etc.
Key features:
  • Pole mounting (with dedicated R90610J mount) or wall mounting
  • Dimensions 210/230/145 mm
  • Door protected by gasket, lockable with a key
  • 6 cable gland holes (to be punched)
  • 6 cable glands included (2x PG13.5, 4x PG9)
  • Metal mounting plate (removable)
  • Two DIN rails (one mounted on mounting plate, one mounted on side)
  • Protective cables
  • Tightness class IP66
The box can easily accommodate, among others, an industrial switch, power supply, main switch and mini distribution frame in the case of systems based on fiber optic cabling. In this case we recommend to use ODF-DIN L5312 distribution frame. All these elements can be mounted on DIN rails or aluminum mounting plate. Thanks to adequate number and size of cable gland holes, it is possible to lead in and out the cabling for: power supply, fiber optic cable, twisted pair, for connecting up to 4 surveillance cameras.
SIGNAL CCTV sealed box 210/230/145 IP66
SIGNAL CCTV sealed box 210/230/145 IP66
Example of using SIGNAL CCTV box. The 4 surveillance cameras are connected to ULTIPOWER 341SFP N299714 industrial switch via external UTP/FTP cable – NETSET E1412. The switch is powered by MDR-60-48 N93326 power supply and has been equipped with ULTIMODE SFP-203G L1415 SFP module. Universal fiber L76004 is terminated in mini ODF-DIN switch L5312 and then connected to the switch with SC-LC patchcords PC-515S1 L32151R.
SIGNAL PS-m DIN 2xSC duplex distribution frame
SIGNAL PS-m DIN 2xSC duplex distribution frame
The L5312 distribution frame has a DIN rail mounting bracket and therefore it can be used as an element protecting optical fiber connections in this solution. It is possible to easily secure four splices in the distribution frame. The use of colored ULTIMODE pigtails allows easy identification of fibers.
The dedicated R90610J bracket allows to mount the cabinet on a mast. The cabinet has six cable gland holes (all are blanked but can be easily punched out, the set includes two PG13.5 glands and four PG9 glands).
The box is fully sealed, it has no gaps in the connection of walls, so there is no possibility of water getting in. Additionally, the door is protected with a rubber seal. The box can be closed with a cylinder lock. IP66 environmental rating.


Name CCTV sealed cabinet 210/230/145 IP66
Product type Sealed housing
Applications outdoor
Mounting type Surface-mounted
Pole mounting Yes (additional handle required)
Mounting plate Built-in Yes
Material Aluminium
Dimensions mm 170 × 185
Dimensions Width mm 210
Height mm 230
Depth mm 145
Housing material Material Powder-coated aluminum
Design Color Grey
Door rubber seal Yes
IP rating IP66
Lock type drum
number of keys pcs. 2
Holes for cables 2 × for PG13.5 glands (grommet for 6-12 mm cable), 4 × under PG9 gland (grommet for 4-8 mm cable)
Weight kg 1,4