Signal HD HDMI to Fiber Optic Converter with RC extender

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The HDMI fiber optic converter allows for connection of HD signal to a receiver (TV, monitor) via optical network. IR extender.
• Transmission of HDMI signal via one single-mode fiber
• Max range of 20 km
• Signal source remote control possible - IR signal transmission
• Transmission of SD and HD signals and HD 1080p
• Support for HDCP


2-year warranty.



The Signal-HD HDMI to fiber optic converter allows for long-range (up to 20 km) transmission of HDMI signal via a single-mode fiber. Simultaneously, it ensures remote control of the HDMI source device by converting and transmitting commands from its IR remote control. The kit includes components for the both ends of the link - transmitter, receiver, power supplies, IR receiver and retransmitter.
Key features:
  • Transmission via one single-mode fiber (max. 20 km, LC/PC connectors)
  • FullHD 1080p
  • Built-in IR RC extender
The kit is ideal for connecting a satellite receiver, media player, Blu-ray/DVD player, PC etc. to a remote monitor/television (or to a number of monitors/TVs - the HDMI signal retrieved from the optical signal can be split by HDMI splitters).
Transmission of HDMI signal using optical link
DIPOL can provide patchcords made to order. More information...
The converter/extender uses High-Definition Digital Bit Transmission Technology (HDbitT). HDbitT is a protocol used for professional delivery/transmission of high-quality image and audio over IP networks. The protocol supports video resolutions of up to 4Kx2K @ 60Hz, transmitted wirelessly or over network cables, electrical installations, optical fibers, or coaxial cables.


Name HDMI to fiber optic signal converter + remote control extender
Product type HDMI to fiber optic converter
Manufacturer SIGNAL
Transmitter interfaces HDMI Yes
IR Yes
Optical SFP, Yes
Receiver interfaces HDMI Yes
IR Yes
Optical SFP, Yes
Device properties
Video formats supported 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
transmission protocol HDbitT
Integrated extension cable IR Yes
Device properties
Transmitter power supply VDC 5
Receiver power supply VDC 5
Dimensions mm 130 × 85 × 24
Mounting standalone
Certificates CE
Package content IR, HDMI transmitter, HDMI receiver, Power supply
Operating environment
Temperature operation -10...+60
Humidity air % 10...90