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SignalNET - installer's guide
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SignalNET - how to wire the house - signal/multimedia installations
Building houses, every builder begins with the foundations. The interior finish has to be started with cabling. When designing electrical system it is indispensable at the same time to take into consideration signal cabling: telephone, computer, RF (terrestrial and satellite TV, FM), door entry system etc.
Nowadays many developers choose flexible systems like SignalNET - the final form of the applied equipment can be configured by the owner - to satisfy their individual needs (it is also connected with the money they want to spend).
What situation do we find on the market of modern signal installations in one-family houses?
So long as modern cabling is a common base of installations in offices and other commercial buildings, it is still rare in one-family or small multi-family houses. The reason is both little knowledge of the future owners and small number of professional firms that can realize such up-to-date installations.
Why should we use standard solutions?
The installations in small houses are usually made by small firms that are unable to keep up with quickly changing technology, additionally - in several fields. The people who finance their homes don't usually follow the trends as well. Standard systems are the support to both sides.
Why choose SignalNET?
There are several producers solutions being platforms for building "intelligent houses". But lack of versatility makes them unable to updating parallel to new needs of the users. Additionally, high prices of these solutions (due to low scale of production) and specific technical requirements do not help them to become commonly used. Openness of SignalNET system is the main potential of this platform.
What makes SignalNET an open system?
The backbone of the system is cross-connection box domNET - the central point of the whole installation. Aside from star connection of all circuits, it does not impose additional constraints. The designers of this project encourage other firms to implement their own solutions, details of which will be included in the blueprints of the system. They will help installers to adopt the best solution for a specific situation.
How the ready-to-use diagrams will make things easier?
Solutions that are thoroughly prepared and tested by professional firms make uniform modern platform. The platform will be continually developed and updated. Such comprehensive approach to the subject will organize the market and enable customers to get high-quality product. Promotion of the platform performed by its distributors will also help installers to win the market.
How much market potential does this system offer?
Several years ago antenna installation in one-family or small house was mostly simple connection of the TV set/s with terrestrial antenna and sometimes of satellite receiver to the dish. Due to growing number of televisions and the needs of the users, the RF distribution system becomes more complicated. Additionally, possibility of connecting cable TV, use of computers and access to the Internet - require structural approach to the problem. Both the customer and installer should know of possible well-tried solutions.
What are the advantages of modern cabling for the customer?
The customer gets proven, high-quality system allowing easy development in the future, at the price similar to that of common solutions.
What are the advantages for the installer?
Schemes updated by competing firms guarantee that the solutions are always up-to-date. There is available wide offer of different versions of installations. Building the backbone of the system, the installer will probably be engaged for further extenion in the future. He won't be surprised by untypical solutions and able to continue effectively development of the system.
What kinds of installations are included in this platform?
Telephone, computer network, RF installation (terrestrial and satellite signals, door entry system. For security reasons there will not be spread information on alarm systems that can also be implemented on the basis of SignalNET platform.
Development of the system.
The proposed schemes allow to combine some functions of the sub-systems, e.g. transfer the image from video door system into antenna installation, or extend the basic functions (e.g. run back channel in antenna installation).
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There are planned courses for installers which will help them to take full advantage of this modern standard.