Single-cable Cascadable dSCR Multiswitch: Terra SRM-580 (class A, active Terr.TV path)



The programmable SRM-580 multiswitch has four pairs of Legacy /dSCR +Terr. TV outputs. The SAT IF outputs allow in dSCR mode for independent operation of up to 32 SAT dSCR receivers/STBs, fed in via two coaxial cables (16+16, default configuration) or via one coaxial cable (32 from one output, after reprogramming with the PC102W R80561 programmer). In Legacy mode, each of the outputs can be used as typical SAT output (like in Universal LNBs or standard (legacy) multiswitches) for connecting a legacy SAT TV receiver).
Single-cable cascadable SRM-580 R80580 multiswitch allows for distribution of DVB-S/S2 signals from one satellite and terrestrial signals (DVB-T, DAB/FM radio). The satellite signals can be distributed by means of dSCR technology (digital Satellite Cable Router), requiring only one coaxial line and satellite splitters to provide the signals to compatible SAT receivers, along with terrestrial signals that can be received by standard televisions and radios. The SRM-580 R80580 multiswitch fully supports receivers operating in two dynamic modes: SCR (Unicable I - 8 User Bans) and dSCR (Unicable II - 32 User Bands).
The SRM-580 multiswitch has 5 inputs (four polarization/band pairs (VL–HL–VH–HH) plus active terrestrial TV) and 4 pairs of outputs: dSCR OUT (each allowing for independent operation of up to 16 SAT dSCR receivers/STBs fed via one coaxial cable - EN50607 standard) or operating as Legacy OUT (typical SAT output like in Universal LNBs or standard (legacy) multiswitches for connecting a legacy SAT TV receiver).
By default, all outputs of the SRM-580 R80580 multiswitch are configured as Legacy (controlled by 14/18 V and 0/22 kHz commands from SAT receivers). Any output switches to Unicable dynamic mode after receiving DiSEqC command compliant with EN50494/EN50607 standard. This means that each individual output can feed via a single coaxial cable and satellite splitters up to 16 receivers (EN50607).
The device can operate in two modes;
  • DYNAMIC - fixed output frequencies (User Bands) allocated for individual dSCR/Unicable receivers (distribution via single coaxial cable to up to 8 (EN50494 - UNICABLE I) or 32 (EN50607 - UNICABLE II) receivers);
  • STATIC - fixed input and output frequencies, IF/IF conversion allowing for distribution of signals from 32 satellite transponders to an unlimited number of receivers.
The programming of dSCR multiswitches is performed by the dedicated PC102W R80561 programmer.
The die-cast housing provides high screening efficiency by preventing the penetration of interfering signals to the unit.
Similarly to other multiswitches, the signals to the SRM-580 multiswitch should be fed from QUATRO LNBs.
The multiswitch should be powered from an external power supply, e.g. PS202F R71468 (20 VDC, 2 A).
The table shows the default settings of the SRM-580 R80580 multiswitch (operation mode - DYNAMIC, 16+16 User Bands, Bandwidth, Level), which can be modified by the dedicated PC102W R80561 programmer.
Key features
  • Full compatibility with EN50494 standard - Unicable I - 8 UBs (User Bands) from each of the 4 pairs
  • Full compatibility with EN50607 - Unicable II - 32 UBs (User Bands) from each of the 4 pairs
  • AGC system ensures stable 84 dBμV output level
  • Possibility of using receivers supporting EN50607 and EN50494 standards in the same subsystem (8 x EN50494 + 24 x EN50607)
  • Static mode: IF/IF converter
There are many models of satellite receivers available on the market today. Not all of them support SCR/UNICABLE system compliant with EN50494 and/or EN50607 standard. In the case of implementing solutions based on the standards, all receivers that will be used by subscribers must support SCR/UNICABLE technology. A list of popular satellite receivers available on the Polish market and supporting single-cable multiswitches is provided below:
Ferguson:Cyfrowy Polsat:
  • Decoder HD 5000
  • Decoder HD 5500s
  • BOX+
  • mediaBOX+
  • turboBOX+
  • wifi Premiumbox+
  • UltraBox NC+
UHF TV DVB-T/T2 Antenna: DIPOL 44/21-48 Tri DigitDAB / DVB-T/T2 Antenna: DIPOL-4/5-12LNB: QUATRO Inverto HOME ProAntenna Triplexer Terra DC015L (VHFI/II+FM-VHFIII-UHF)Single-cable Cascadable dSCR Multiswitch: Terra SRM-580 (class A, active Terr.TV path)Switching Power Supply Terra PS202F (20V 2A, Digital SCR)Steel Satellite Dish: TRIAX 100 TD logo [light gray]
The diagram above shows an example installation based on cascadable single cable dSCR multiswitch SRM-580 with active terrestrial path


Product type Multiswitch
Number of converters 1 × quatro
Series SRM
Model SRM-580
type pass-through
Applications Indoor
Type of cooperating converter Quatro Yes
Wideband No
Number of inputs 5
No. of outputs dSCR(Unicable)/Legacy 8 (four pairs)
through 5
RF path Active Yes
Preamplifier power supply No
passive Yes
Device specifications
Input RF band MHz 47-862 (active path), 47-862 (passive path)
SAT IF band MHz 950-2150
signal level, RTV dBµV max 92
SAT IF signal level dBµV 60-95
Output RF band MHz 47-862 (active path), 47-862 (passive path)
SAT IF band MHz 950-2150
dSCR/Unicable output + RF path Number of user bands max. 32 for 1 pair
bandwidth MHz 20...60
output level dBµV 84 for SAT path (built-in AGC), 86 (RF active path)
attenuation of RF path dB 22 (passive path), 6 (active path)
Legacy output output level dBµV 78 for SAT path, 86 (RF active path)
Bus attenuation FM TV dB 10 (gain for active path), 6 (for passive path)
SAT IF dB >4
Input/output separation SAT IF (input)/SAT IF (input) dB >30
SAT IF (input)/dSCR (output) dB >30
SAT IF/RF dB >25
Current on bus signal lines SAT IF A max 2
SAT IF (one line) A max 1
FM TV A max 0.25
Current drawn from receiver A max 0.41 (at 13 V)
from DC 20 V input, H line A max 1.2
DC 20 V switch on bus signal lines from 20 VDC input to H signal lines A max 0.8
Die-cast enclosure Yes
Remotely powered No
Built-in power supply No
Screening efficiency class A
Compliance with relevant national legislation No
Power supply V/Hz DC 20
Operating temperature °C -20...+50
Dimensions mm 226 × 135 × 30
Weight kg 0,8