Single-mode Adapter ULTIMODE A-522D (2xSC/APC-2xSC/APC)



Single-mode Adapter ULTIMODE A-522D enables connection (mechanical splice) of two pairs of optical fibers terminated with SC/APC connectors. Adapters are usually used in combination with patchcords and pigtails in optical concentrators etc.
SC connectors are currently the most popular optical coupling elements due to simple matching (push-pull coupling with a snap), rectangular cross-section allowing dense packing of the connectors on the panel, and plastic construction (of course outside the ferrule). SC/APC connectors, due to stepped end style APC ferrule (8 degrees), ensure return loss > 60 dB so that they fulfill higher requirements for signal transmission.

Distinguishing features:
  • for double SC/APC to SC/APC connection
  • for single-mode equipment
  • plastic case (ceramic ferrule)


Product type Fiber optic adapters
Name A-522D
Applications Single-mode
type Duplex
Socket – Socket
Connector type A SC/APC
Connector type B SC/APC
Loss dB < 0.2