Single-mode Adapter ULTIMODE A-555D (2xLC/UPC to 2xLC/UPC)



Single-mode adapter ULTIMODE A-555D allows connection of two pairs of optical fibers terminated with LC/UPC connectors. The adapters are commonly used in combination with patch cords and pigtails in optical concentrators etc., linking the patch cords with pigtails spliced onto the optical fibers.
LC connectors are now the most popular optical connectors due to simple snap connection, a rectangular form allowing dense packing of the connectors on panels and plastic construction (outside the ferrule). They are miniature versions of SC connectors with the size of RJ-45 connectors. The size of LC duplex adapter is the same as of the standard SC simplex one, so it can be installed instead of an SC simplex adapter.
Distinguishing features:
  • for LC/UPC connectors (two pairs - duplex)
  • for single-mode fibers
  • plastic casing (with ceramic ferrule)


Product type Fiber optic adapters
Name A-555D
Applications Single-mode
type Duplex
Socket – Socket
Connector type A LC/UPC
Connector type B LC/UPC
Loss dB < 0.2