Single-mode patch cable: PC-511S2 SC-SC, simplex, G.657A1 2mm 5 m



The PC-511S2 patch cable is a section of a single-mode fiber optic cable with a length of 5 metres. The cable is terminated with one SC connector on both sides. The SC are currently the most popular connectors due to the simple snap-in engagement, rectangular cross-section enabling dense packing of the connectors on a panel, the plastic structure (except for the ferrule, of course).
Key features:
  • connectors: 1x SC - 1x SC
  • one single-mode fiber (G.657A1)
  • length - 5 m
  • low insertion loss


Product type Patchcord
type Simplex
Fiber type Single-mode
Connector type A SC/UPC
Connector type B SC/UPC
Fiber standard G.657A1
Name PC-511S2
Length m 5
Insertion loss (IL) A connector dB < 0.25 (A)
B connector dB < 0.25 (B)