Single-mode Patch Cord PC-522D2 (1.5m, G.657.A2, 2xSC/APC-2xSC/APC)

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The single-mode patch cord ULTIMODE PC-522D2 consists of two sections of fiber optic cable with a length of 1.5 meter, each terminated on both ends with SC/APC connectors.


3-year warranty.



SC connectors are currently the most popular optical coupling elements due to simple matching (push-pull coupling with a snap), rectangular cross-section allowing dense packing of the connectors on the panel, and plastic construction (of course outside the ferrule). The ferrule of SC/APC connector is polished at an angle of 8 degrees.
ULTIMODE patch cords are characterized by low attenuation and back reflection (reflectance). They use highest quality ferrules. Each patchcord passes individual quality control (inspection of surfaces and measurement of transmission parameters - insertion and return loss).
The G.657.A2 fiber used in the patch cords features reduced water peak and is currently one of the most advanced and popular single-mode fibers, being in fact an improved version of the G.652.D fiber. The fiber can be formed into tight coils due to reduced attenuation in such conditions, whereas other parameters are even a little better (attenuation less than 0.35 dB/km at 1310 nm and less than 0.20 dB/km at 1550 nm). The special feature this fiber type is reduced attenuation of coils - at 1550 nm the attenuation of 10 turns with a radius of 15 mm is <0.03 dB, and of 1 turn with a radius of 7.5 mm is <0.5 dB.
Key features:
  • connectors: 2xSC/APC to 2xSC/APC
  • single-mode fiber (G.657A2)
  • length: 1.5 m
  • low insertion loss


Product type Patchcord
type Duplex
Fiber type Single-mode
Connector type A SC/APC
Connector type B SC/APC
Connectors SC/APC – SC/APC
Fiber standard G.657A2
Name PC-522D2
Length m 1,5
Insertion loss (IL) A connector dB < 0.25 (A1, A2)
B connector dB < 0.25 (B1, B2)