Slim-line Modular Plug Boot (RJ-45, black) [50 pcs]

Code: J2025_50
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Slim-line Modular Plug Boot (RJ-45, black) [1 pc]
View of the boot
The modular plug boots are used for protection of RJ-45 male connectors in devices and patch panels with narrow spacing between the sockets. Thanks to the protruding elements entering the internal part of the modular plug and the same width of the boot as of the plug, there is no problem with densely packed connections, in opposite to external boots.
Price for packaging containing 50 pieces.
Available slim-line modular plug boots (single pieces and packs):
Color Single pieces
50 pcs packs
Blue J2021 J2021_50
Red J2022 J2022_50
Green J2023 J2023_50
Yellow J2024 J2024_50
Black J2025 J2025_50
Gray J2026 J2026_50


kolor osłony pojedyncze sztuki opakowania po 50 szt.
niebieski J2021 J2021_50
czerwony J2022 J2022_50
zielony J2023 J2023_50
złóty J2024 J2024_50
czarny J2025 J2025_50
szary J2026 J2026_50