SOHO cellular antenna amplifier system (GSM)

Basic scheme of GSM antenna system suitable for homes and businesses, allowing normal use of mobile phones in situations where the signal inside a building is too low for reliable communication.
The installation allows to make conversations and use mobile Internet (GPRS) in the building. The advantage of this solution is to maintain mobility of the phones - they are still connected wirelessly.
N-male to N-male Cable (5m RF-5)N-male to N-male Cable (10m RF-5)Two-way TRANS-DATA GSM SplitterGSM/DCS/UMTS Antenna: TRANS-DATA DW3-AGSM/DCS/UMTS Antenna: TRANS-DATA DW3-AGSM Amplifier/Repeater SIGNAL GSM-505 (without PSU)AC/DC Adapter: 9 VDC, 3A (2.1/5.5 mm) WT48-0903000-TGSM/DCS/UMTS Antenna: TRANS-DATA KYZ8.2/9.5
SOHO cellular antenna amplifier system (GSM)

System components:
  • Trans-Data GSM/DCS/UMTS KYZ8.2/9.5 antenna A741030.
  • The antenna is responsible for receiving and transmitting signals from/to base station.
  • GSM repeater Signal GSM-305 A6765.
  • The device amplifies GSM signals. It should be noted that the amplification takes place in both directions - to and from the base station.
  • Two-way GSM splitter A6812.
  • The splitter distributes amplified GSM signals between two indoor GSM antennas.
  • Indoor antenna Trans-Data GSM/DCS/UMTS DW3-A A741001 or Trans-Data GSM/DCS/UMTS DW3-B A741002.
  • The antennas distribute GSM signals inside the building. The A741001 version has been designed for suspended ceilings, the A741002 model - for concrete ceilings (the cable laid on the surface).
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