Stabilized Power Supply ZK-65 (11.4-13.2VDC, 9x0.5A)

Code: M18294
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Stabilized Power Supply ZK-65 (11.4-13.2VDC, 9x0.5A)
View of the power supply

Stabilized Power Supply ZK-65 (11.4-13.2VDC, 9x0.5A)
View of the inside
Stabilized Power Supply ZK-65 (11.4-13.2VDC, 9x0.5A)
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Distinguishing features:
  • 9 outputs with individual current capacity of 0.5 A
  • Overvoltage, short circuit, overload, and thermal protection
  • Optical and electrical (relay output) indication of input voltage
  • Indication of DC voltage on each of the nine outputs
  • Maximum output voltage ripple: 100 mVpp
  • Universal AC/DC input: 85...264 VAC, 120...370 VDC
ZK-65 M18294 is a 9-output power supply designed to power CCTV devices and industrial control and automation systems which require stabilized DC voltage within the range of 11.4...13.2 V.

The power supply is equipped with LEDs monitoring proper operating conditions, i.e. the presence of the input voltage and the output DC voltage on each of the nine outputs. In addition, a relay output can be used for signaling power failure in the system.

An important advantage of the power supply is a very high reliability, due to MTBF over 300 000 hours. The device has been designed to operate 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
Name ZK-65
Code M18294
Input voltage
90...264 VAC  50 Hz
127...370 VDC        
Output voltage
11.4-13.2 VDC
Rated output power
65 W
Efficiency 79%
Output current
9x 0.5 A
Number of outputs
Current capacity of each output
0.5 A
Short-circuit protection
0.5 A fuses
Overload protection
Overvoltage protection
Operating temperature 0°C...50°C
Dimensions (W x H x D) 215x150x50 mm
Weight 1.2 kg
Remarks Metal housing


Nazwa ZK-65
Kod M18294
Napięcie zasilania AC 90-264V, 50 Hz
DC 127-370V
Napięcie wyjściowe DC 11,4 - 13,2 V
Moc znamionowa 65W
Sprawność 79%
Prąd wyjściowy 9x 0,5A
Ilość wyjść 9
Maksymalne obciążenie pojedynczego wyjścia 0,5A
Zabezpieczenie przed zwarciem bezpieczniki  topikowe
Zabezpieczenie przed przeciążeniem automatyczne
Zabezpieczenie przed przepięciami automatyczne
Temperatura pracy 0...50°C
Wymiary (szer. x wys. x głęb.) 215x150x50
Masa 1,2 kg
Uwagi Obudowa metalowa