Steel Satellite Dish: CORAB ASC-800TA-J (80cm)

Code: A96047
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Mobile Sat Dish: Camping 35 (offset)
View of the dish

Mobile Sat Dish: Camping 35 (offset)
Rear view
80 cm satellite dish designed to receive satellite signals from one or two (close) satellite positions (with the use of double LNB mount and two LNBs). Solid material and coating plus advanced technology ensure the highest resistance to weather conditions. Due to the sturdy construction, it guarantees good and stable reception.

Name ASC-800TA-J 80cm
Code A96047
External dimensions (bowl) [mm] 831 x 752
Sheet gauge [mm] 0.6
Gain at 11.7 GHz [dB] 37.4
Intended frequency range [GHz]] 10.7-12.75
Mast diameter range [mm] 32-60
Azimuth adjustment range [°] 0-180
Elevation adjustment range [°] 5-80
Weight [kg] 4.27



Nazwa ASC-800TA-J 80cm
Kod A96047
Wymiary zewnętrzne reflektora [mm] 831 x 752
Grubość blachy reflektora [mm] 0,6
Zysk energetyczny dla 11,70 GHz [dB] 37,40
Częstotliwość pracy konwertera [GHz] 10,7-12,75
Średnica masztu [mm] 32-60
Zakres regulacji kąta azymutu [°] 0-180
Zakres regulacji kąta elewacji [°] 5-80
Masa [kg] 4,27