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100 cm

Steel Satellite Dish: TRIAX 100 TD (dark gray)
Code: A9645
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2-year warranty
Steel Satellite Dish: TRIAX 100 TD (dark gray)
View of the dish (there may be TRIAX logo)

Steel Satellite Dish: TRIAX 100 TD (dark gray)
Rear view

Steel Satellite Dish: TRIAX 100 TD (dark gray)
The kit includes the adapter for mounting an LNB with 25 mm neck diameter
Foldable LNB arm made ​​of galvanized steel with a rectangular profile provides excellent stability
TRIAX 100 TD A9645 is a 95x85 cm steel satellite dish with very good parameters and accessories that help the installer to mount it quickly and firmly. The reflector of the dish is made of galvanized steel and is powder coated with polyester paint. The both layers provide excellent protection against corrosion. The mounting elements and LNB arm are also made of galvanized steel.
The TD series of satellite dishes is manufactured according to the quality standards of Danish company, Triax A/S. Precision tools and machinery ensure uniform and optimum geometry for excellent reception. The dishes are tested in vibration machines (100000 vibrations) and in wind tunnels (ETS 300784).
The dishes are very easy to install. Of particular note is the fact that the dishes have been equipped with folded arms. The arms are locked in the working position by pressing special inserts into the holes in the dishes. LNB holders are inserted into the arms and fixed without any screws (slam locks).
Distinguishing features:
  • high quality and resistance to adverse weather conditions
  • robust design
  • thick steel sheet
  • integrated strong LNB arm
  • precise indication of the elevation angle
  • fast and easy installation
  • compliance with ETS 300784 standard (tested in a wind tunnel in accordance with ETSI rules)
The diameter of the dish is sufficient for trouble-free reception of HD channels from Hotbird and Astra in most European countries. The second LNB can be installed using DUOBLOCK 6 TD ASTRA/HOT BIRD A98910, or adjustable (3-10 deg) FLEXIBLOCK TD A98920. Up to four satellites can be received using MULTIBLOCK TD A98930 and adequate number of LNBs.
NameTRIAX 100 TD
Code A9645
Rated frequency range [GHz] 10.7-12.75
Energetic gain at 11.7 GHz [dBi]38.8
G/T LNB 0.7 [dB/K]19.2
Cross-polarization discrimination [dB] > 27
Offset angle [°]26
Elevation angle range [°]10-50 / 45-80
Reflector type
Offset F/D 0.6
Beam width [°]2.0
Strength (wind 42 m/s) [N]
Mast diameter range [mm] Ø 32-60
LNB neck diameter range [mm]Ø 40 + Ø 25
Dimensions [mm]980x890
dark gray (RAL 7016)
Weight [kg] 5.4





Price w/o taxPriceDisc.Validity  
29.84 EUR29.84 EUR0 %
Steel Satellite Dish: TRIAX 100 TD (dark gray)
Code: A9645