Subscriber Terminal Outlet: Signal TV-FM-SAT/RJ-45/RJ-11

Code: R694043
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Subscriber outlet integrating FM/TV/SAT antenna system with telephone network and LAN, from renowned Signal series of RF equipment (splitters, taps, transmitters, remote control extenders).
• Multifunctional terminal outlet
• FM/TV/SAT/Phone/LAN sockets
• For flush mounting
• Insertion loss below 3 dB


3-year warranty.



This outlet comes from a new series integrating FM/TV/SAT antenna systems with telephone network and LAN. The R694043 outlet (TV-FM-SAT+RJ-45+RJ-11) belongs to the group of "Signal" product series (splitters, taps, transmitters, RC extenders). The RJ-45 socket can be employed for Ethernet and Fast Ethernet applications. It is especially suitable when both coaxial and UTP/STP cables have been put into the same flush cable box. It is well to remember that in RJ-45 only the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th pins are active (looking from the pin's side, from the top).
Standard application

FM path characteristics: BLUE - attenuation, RED - matching

Sat path characteristics: BLUE - attenuation, RED - matching

Terrestrial TV path characteristics: BLUE - attenuation, RED - matching


Product type Ethernet socket, RTV interface
Manufacturer SIGNAL
Outlet type End
Socket type R-TV-SAT, Ethernet
Installation Flush-mounted
Operating band R output MHz 5 – 862
TV output MHz 5 – 862
SAT output MHz 950 – 2400
Insertion loss R path dB 2
TV path dB 2,5
SAT path dB 3
Connectors IEC F, IEC M, F, RJ-45, RJ-11