Sunell, about the company

About the company
Sunell is a world-class manufacturer of CCTV equipment, which has continually remained at the forefront of this competitive field since its founding in 1997. The company has consistently followed a path of production, research, development and creation of unique solutions in the surveillance field, to provide customers with reliable and innovative products.
Sunell's policy is to diversify its production sites, with its factory and headquarters in Schenzhen, and production facilities in Taiwan and Vietnam. This enables the company to better deal with potential challenges, such as disruptions in raw material supplies, regulatory changes or logistical difficulties that may affect production in a particular region.
The company supplies its products to as many as 113 countries around the world. However, it is worth paying particular attention to their expansion in the US market. In the US, Sunell is gaining recognition as a trusted supplier of equipment that meets the requirements of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act). This proves that the company offers safe and proven equipment.
The main pillar of the offer is products related to monitoring systems. The dedicated range focuses primarily on IP cameras, AHD cameras and DVRs. It offers a wide range of solutions to suit different needs and budgets, providing customers with comprehensive solutions, regardless of the size or application of the enterprise.

Through the eyes of the camera
The following engaging video takes you inside the company's state-of-the-art factory in Shenzhen, where cameras and recorders begin their journey. The process of manufacturing advanced electronic circuits on modular SMT assembly lines is shown. You also see the ins and outs of the testing and aging processes that are key to ensuring the highest quality products. A great deal of attention is also paid to the study of the effects of humidity and temperature on the performance of equipment, which is crucial for optimal operation at the system site.

Photographs that capture the company's manufacturing process, machinery and technologies used are also a valuable source of information about the company's operations.
Headquarters in Shenzhen
Reception area
Corporate Culture Wall
Demonstration room
Assembly line
Office space
Machines testing cameras for resistance to temperature (low and high).
Machines testing cameras for resistance to temperature (low and high) 2
Test lab
electrical testing
Testing on these machines is essential to ensure the high quality and reliability of cameras in various environmental conditions. As a result, the company provides the highest quality cameras to meet the demands of even the toughest applications. In the electrical laboratory shown in the photos, 3 types of tests are carried out:
  • electromagnetic interference, which verify that the cameras generate and are immune to various types of electromagnetic interference from the environment,
  • surge protection for both power and signal lines. They are designed to verify that the cameras are adequately protected against surges that may occur in the power supply or during signal transmission,
  • on electrostatic discharge how the devices handle sudden and short-lived flows of static electricity that may arise during contact with other objects or surfaces
Development department
Development department 2
Testing of thermal imaging cameras
In view of the Certifications
Sunell's products are highly reliable and feature high quality workmanship. The company manufactures equipment based on modern planning, management and quality control methods such as: TPS, TQC and TPM. It has implemented a quality management system – it is ISO9001 certified and ISO14001 environmental management certified. Products have all the necessary certificates such as: CE, FCC, RoHS.
Are the products compatible with other manufacturers?h4
IP cameras and DVR from the same manufacturer ensure the greatest operational reliability, as all components are optimized for cooperation and functionality. However, if it is necessary to combine systems from different manufacturers, support for the ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) protocol makes integration and communication between different devices possible. Sunell is a member of ONVIF which proves the professional level of integration and meeting industry requirements. IP cameras support Profile S/T/G/M, while DVRs support Profile S/T:
  • S Profile: Specifies video and audio streaming requirements, PTZ control methods, metadata, and relay inputs and outputs
  • G profile: Focuses on recording configuration and search and playback of DVR recordings
  • T profile: Focuses on advanced video analysis functions such as motion detection, image analysis, etc.
  • M profile: Covers requirements for special applications, including mobile devices.
Applications for PC, mobile phones and tablets
SunView CMS is professional software for managing monitoring systems. It works within a client-server architecture, which makes it a scalable and centralised system. This means that it can be easily adapted to different sizes and monitoring needs, while being managed from one central point. With a variety of features, it is able to meet a wide range of requirements for video surveillance solutions.
SunView is an official application available for both iPhone and Android devices to operate and manage IP cameras and video recorders (NVRs).
More information on the software is available at the library.
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