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Surveillance Management Software: NUUO SCB-IP+32
Code: K3132
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A brief presentation of NUUO software:
Surveillance Management Software: NUUO SCB-IP+32
View of the packaging
Surveillance Management Software: NUUO SCB-IP+32
CD-ROM with software
Surveillance management software for IP CCTV systems (32 channels). The SCB-IP+32 software packet allows for simultaneous multichannel live monitoring, recording, and playback (see Specifications). Cooperating with IP cameras, the software performs all functions of intelligent network video recorder (NVR).
The software supports cameras of ACTi, Pixord, Axis, Vivotek, Sony, Panasonic, megapixel cameras of IQinvision and Arecont.
Aside from control of PTZ cameras, the program can exercise so-called digital PTZ, i.e. enlargement of any part of the image. It is especially useful function in the case of using megapixel cameras allowing digital zooming practically without loss of sharpness of the image.
Image analysis module enables the system to react to events or changes like motion, leaving or removing objects, loss of sharpness, or covering the camera. Events management system allows to notify the operator with a visual or audible signal, e-mail, and is capable of pointing PTZ camera to pre-programmed position.
An interesting function is remote access to the system from another computer, with protection by login and password, and also by blocking/enabling chosen IP addresses.
Number of channels
Supported camerasACTi, Arecont Vision, AXIS, Cieffe, D-Link, Etrovision, IQinvision, JVC, Level 1, Linksys, Lumenera, Mobotix, Panasonic, Pixord, Planet, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Vivotek, Zavio
Supported compressionsMPEG-4/MJPEG/H.264
Display modesDivision 1 - 64 / two-monitor operation
Video recordingContinuous
Triggered by motion detection
Triggered by events
Audio recording
Max. frame rate (one channel)30 fps
Image analysis
Motion detection
Vanishing of objects
Leaving of objects
Loss of focus
Counting of objects
By phone; sound alarm
On screen
Simultaneous playback32 channels
Searching mechanismsYES
Conversion to AVI formatYES
Recording still images
Video correctionYES
Remote monitoring32 channels
Remote archive32 channels
Web client
Users' passwordsYES

  • The activation of the software is done through the use of the serial number inside the packaging, instead of the previously used dongle.
  • The user can get any number of channels by summing up appropriate licenses, e.g. 12 channels will require to enter the serial numbers of 8-channel and 4-channel licenses.
  • For continued operation, the user should keep the MAC address of the NIC mounted in the computer running the software, in case of losing the serial number(s) of the software package(s). The MAC address would be necessary for its/their recovery.
Withdrawn from the offer
Surveillance Management Software: NUUO SCB-IP+32
Code: K3132