Switched-mode power supply: Delta DRC-24V60W-1AZ DC 24V/60W/2.5A

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The Delta DRC-24V60W-1AZ 60 W switched-mode power supply is designed to supply power to electronic equipment that requires 24 VDC supply.
• Power output: 60 W
• Output voltage: DC 24 V
• Output voltage adjustment range: DC 24 - 28 V
• Output current: 2,5 A
• Protection: overload, overvoltage, short circuit


3-year warranty.



The 60W Delta DRC-24V60W-1AZ switched-mode power supply is designed to supply DC 24V to electronic equipment with a maximum load of 2.5A. The power supply features short-circuit, overload and overvoltage protection. It is a perfect power supply for the G74823 DS-KAD706 Hikvision distributor.


Model DRC-24V60W-1AZ
Manufacturer Delta
Product type Power supply
Installation DIN, TS-35/7.5, TS-35/15
System 2-Wire
Color Grey
Output voltage DC V 24 – 28
Nominal output current A 2,5
Protection Overload, Surge protection, Anti-short-circuit
Efficiency % 88
Power supply DC V 90 – 264
Operating temperature °C -25...+71
Humidity % 5...95
Dimensions mm 71 × 91 × 56
Weight kg 0,3