Switching Power Supply (12V/200mA JACK 3.5 (+))



Switching Power Supply (12V/200mA JACK 3.5 (+))
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The D0016 power supply in conjunction with C0397 RF/DC separator (power supply injector) provides 12 VDC supply voltage to an antenna preamp/amplifier, via the same coaxial cable which transmits RF signals from the antenna. The C0397 injector should also be installed, for instance, between an antenna amplifier and a passive splitter that cannot pass DC power. In comparison with the standard D0012 power supply, the current capacity of the D0016 model is two times higher (200 mA instead of 100 mA).
Name SPS 12V/200mA
Code D0016
Input 100...240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
0.25 A

+12 VDC, max 200 mA

Polarity plus on the tip



Product type Antenna power supply with a separator
Model 12V/200MA
type Switched-mode
Applications Indoor
Input parameters voltage V AC 100...230
Frequency Hz 50/60
Cable length m 1
Output parameters voltage V DC 12
output current A 0,2
Operating temperature °C 0...+40
Weight kg 0.18