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System Control Unit DS-1003KI for HIKVISION DVRs
Code: M77920
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System Control Unit DS-1003KI has been designed to cooperate with HIKVISION DVRs and the connected PTZ cameras. One unit can control up to 31 DVRs and 255 PTZ cameras.
System Control Unit DS-1003KI for HIKVISION DVRs
View of the unit

System Control Unit DS-1003KI for HIKVISION DVRs
Rear view
System Control Unit DS-1003KI for HIKVISION DVRs
The included accessories
The communication interface, both to DVRs and PTZ cameras, is RS-485 port. The maximum distance of the link is 1200m.
The control unit has been equipped with LCD display and 3D joystick (including zoom). The display informs about direction and inclination of the joystick from the neutral position. Speed of the horizontal/vertical movement is proportional to the degree of inclination (five steps), allowing quick and precise control of PTZ cameras.
Of course the basic pan/tilt/zoom speeds can be defined in the menu of PTZ camera. The unit is compatible with Pelco-P, Pelco-D and other popular protocols.
The layout of the keyboard is identical to that of front panel of ULTIMAX DVRs. The joystick allows to navigate through the OSD menu.
The LCD display shows information on the current status of the chosen DVR and PTZ cameras.





Maximum number of DVRs in the system


Maximum number of PTZ cameras


Interface / Baud rate [bps]

RS-485 half-duplex /  1200-19200

Display resolution [mm]

128 x 34



5 steps in every direction

Maximum range [m]


Power [VDC / mA]

12 / 500

Operating temperature [oC]

-10 to +55

Dimensions [mm]

360 x 200 x 108

Weight [kg]


Use of external control unit enables the operator to control DVR(s) without physical access to the device(s). The central unit of the system (DVR/s) can be put in a safe place. Another advantage is possibility of locating the control unit up to 1200 meters from the DVR(s) or a PTZ camera. However, such a long distance would limit the transmission speed of RS485 link up to 2400bps.
The connection between the control unit and a DVR is made with a two-wire cable. The link becomes active after configuring the control unit.
Transmission of video signal over longer distances requires to use active video transmitters, e.g. M1678 and M16741.
The switching between control of a DVR and PTZ camera is made with a single key. When the control unit is run for the first time it is indispensable to define its ID (from 0 to 15) and the PTZ control parameters (ID of the camera, protocol, speeds).
NOTICE! DVR allows one "ID" (by default: 88), common for M77920 control unit and IR controller. To enable cooperation with the control unit the user has to change it to the number of the unit (the range from 0 to 15).
Large CCTV systems divided into smaller subsystems based on individual DVRs can be managed from one location, with one system control unit. Such a solution makes the cabling much simpler and cheaper (the lengths of the cables from CCTV cameras to DVRs can be considerably shorter). Longer cables from DVRs to monitors do not pose a problem - there can be used video transmitters and UTP cables.
Active Video/Audio/Data Transmitter: ADT-1 - CLEARANCE SALE!Active Video/Audio/Data Receiver: ADR-1 Network DVR: HIKVISION/ULTIMAX DS-8116HFI-S H.264 (16-ch.)Professional CCTV Monitor: SAMSUNG SMT-1922 (19System Control Unit DS-1003KI for HIKVISION DVRs High Speed Dome Camera: PH-33 (3.5-111.5 mm, 540 TVL, Sony Super Had CCD, 0.7 lx)
Application of DS-1003 M77920 for control of ULTIMAX DVR and PTZ camera

Withdrawn from the offer
System Control Unit DS-1003KI for HIKVISION DVRs
Code: M77920