Telmor ZWR-210DC C0325 is a masthead diplexer used for combining signals from two antennas, FM/VHF (5-230 MHz) and UHF (470-790 MHz). With the splash-proof box, it can be placed close to the antennas, directly on the antenna mast.
• New! UHF/VHF diplexer for DVB-T
• Shielding casing
• Independent DC pass options for VHF and UHF antennas (12 VDC / 100 mA)
• Insertion loss: 1 dB
• Mounted on a mast in the included splash-proof box
Code: C0325

The SCQ-410 combiner is dedicated to all users of individual antenna systems composed of satellite and terrestrial components. The four SAT inputs allow for combining up to four satellite signals from independent satellite dishes (or from two dishes with MONOBLOCK LNB, or from one dish with QUAD LNB...
Code: R85255

The digitally programmable multiband amplifier WWK-951 has been designed for distribution of analog (PAL) and digital (DVB-T) TV channels, as well as DAB and FM radio broadcasts. It is mainly used as the active component of MATV/shared antenna systems in detached houses, residences, hotels, boarding...
Code: R89861

The programmable, WWK - ALPHA+ TELMOR multiband channel amplifier is dedicated for SMATV systems for the reception of DVB-T/T2 digital terrestrial television in multi-family buildings, residences, hotels, guesthouses, schools, hospitals, etc.
• Amplifier dedicated to SMATV systems
• 4 VHF/UHF inputs, 1 FM input, 1 AUX (broadband) input
• Real-time automatic gain control (AGC)
• Independent, selective gain for 32 paths/channel filters in VHF/UHF band
• Supporting the transmission of DVB-T/T2 digital terrestrial TV signals
• LTE signal attenuation switch (4G band> 790MHz, 5G band> 694 MHz)
• High selectivity >35 dB
• Isolation of input ports> 30 dB
• Easy to install and configure
Code: R89864