Terra - the European leader of CATV/SMATV solutions

About company
TERRA is one of the largest manufacturers of specialized equipment for the reception and distribution of satellite TV signals (DVB-S/S2), terrestrial broadcasts (DVB-T), and cable television (DVB-C) in Europe. The story goes back to the end of 1980, when the company supplied the Russian and Lithuanian markets with analog satellite receivers and LNBs.
Kaunas city is located in the central part of Lithuania, at the confluence of two great rivers,
the Nemunas and the Neris
The headquarterts of Terra company in Kaunas
The headquarters and high-tech manufacturing plant is located in Kaunas, Lithuania. The largest national branches of the company are located in Vilnius and Klaipeda. Terra is a leading manufacturer of hardware for terrestrial, satellite and cable television.
"The continuous development of highly innovative new products, fully adapted to the demanding requirements, allows the company to provide the products to the diversified international market covering Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa."

The primary and key goal of the company is to provide optimal and innovative solutions for CATV / SMATV systems.
The company's activities are focused on the results, through the employment of the most qualified workers, effective use of the potential of human resources, crisis management. An important pillar of development of the company are positive relationships in the team. They can be build only through effective internal communications strategy, consistent with the mission and vision of the company.
Many years of experience of highly skilled engineers and designers, as well as the modern design of products is the key to success. TERRA emphasizes the importance of research and development for further improvement of the products and their quality.
Quality of products
Full use of modern electronics and information technology allows for precise measurements of parameters and control of product quality.
DIPOL has been selling TERRA products since 1996. Since March 2013, the products have been covered by a 4-year warranty.
Technical department
The technical department has extensive experience and expertise in carrying out various tasks. The department is responsible for the technical development and service of the products. This section also participates in the implementation of engineering and design work related with the research conducted in the company.
February 26, 2014 - SatNet 3.0 gained recognition of the Polish Ministry of Economy
Designing SMATV systems with SatNet software from TERRA
SatNet 3.0 software application for designing multiswitch systems won the Award of the Ministry of Economy for the most innovative product or technology presented on the Elektrotechnika 2014 fair taking place in the Exhibition Center EXPO XXI in Warsaw. Members of the Competition Commission highly praised the innovation and usability level of the SatNet 3.0 application. It was noted that the designing process based on this program significantly increases the technical performance and repeatability of the systems.
October 3, 2013 - new line of TERRA multiswitches won SAT Kurier Awards 2013
TERRA multiswitches have been recognized as "The Best Unit of the Collective Installation" at SATKRAK 2013 fair. The jury appreciated the main advantages of these SMATV components: low insertion loss, high isolation between paths, extreme EMI shielding provided by cast housings, an innovative way of gain and slope control, professional look. The statuette for DIPOL company was given to Piotr Wasniowski.
September 19, 2012 - Sat DIGI-TV award
TERRA channel amplifiers and modulators won the DIGI-TV Sat 2012 statuette in the category "Best component of SMATV systems".
The Sat DIGI-TV 2012 award
October 13, 20011 - TERRA MMH-3000+ headend won a statuette for Best Component of SMATV System.
TERRA MMH-3000 headend won the statuette of SatKrak 2011 for the Best Component of SMATV System.
Main products
Radial multiswitches
5/8 Multiswitch Terra MR-508
(active terrestrial path)

Multiswitches for SMATV systems
Terra MV-532 R70732 multiswitch with IF gain adjustment

Devices for receiving and processing television signals (channel and broadband amplifiers, analog and digital modulators)
An implementation of the set of amplifiers and modulators