Terrestrial TV / SAT TV installation diagram - multiswitch solution - single family home

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Diagram of installation for single family homes based on 9-input multiswitch. Thanks to the solution the user is able to receive any terrestrial TV program and any SAT TV program from each TV-Sat outlet in the house. In every room of the house the user has the option to monitor the premises thanks to the installed CCTV cameras. An advantage of this installation is independent reception of SAT programs, a disadvantage - the number of SAT receivers should match the number of TV sets. While building a new home or during renovating or upgrading the old one, the user should remember about cabling every room where TV-SAT outlets are to be installed.
Universal QUATRO LNB: White Tech Inverto IDLP-40QTL 0.2dBUniversal bracket for second LNBTV/SAT Wall Plate: Signal R-TV-SAT (terminal)VHF/UHF Amplifier - Terra HS-013(1-input / 2-output, 12V)VHF/UHF Amplifier - Terra HS-013A (1-input / 2-output)Wireless Remote Control Receiver 2079TWireless Remote Control Extension 2079T/RVHF TV Antenna: DIPOL 7/6-12 (7-element)Anodized FM Antenna: Dipol 1RUZ A (omnidirectional)UHF TV antenna: DIPOL 19/21-69 DIGITALAntenna Triplexer - ZA 4MBroadband TV Combiner - ST 1-60TV Modulator: Signal Digital Classic (ch.21-69, K - 6.5 MHz)Outdoor Color CCTV Camera with Lens: n-cam 115 IR9-input Multiswitch: TERRA MS-952Switched-mode Power Supply for multisw. Terra MS-554, 18V 800mA, F-con.E1015Subscriber Terminal Outlet:Signal RTV-SAT-R (return path)Offset Satellite Dish: 80cm, painted galvanized steel, A-E mountE1015