Thermal Imaging IP Camera: Sunell SN-TPC4200KT/F

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Thermal Imaging IP Camera: Sunell SN-TPC4200KT/F
View of the camera in working position
Thermal Imaging IP Camera: Sunell SN-TPC4200KT/F
View of the connectors
Thermal Imaging IP Camera: Sunell SN-TPC4200KT/F
The included accessories
The Sunell SN-TPC4200KT/F thermal IP camera is a perfect complement to video surveillance based on visible light and reflected near-infrared radiation. Analog or IP cameras used in video monitoring systems enable the proper identification of people during the day, and, after using infrared illuminators, also in the darkness at night, within certain limited ranges. The thermal imaging camera works properly without any lighting. Its principle of operation is quite different than traditional cameras. Each body with a temperature above absolute zero (0 K = -273.15°C) emits infrared radiation. Thanks to the relationship between temperature and the intensity and spectral characteristics of the radiation, the image from the camera shows the distribution of temperature on the surfaces of the objects in the field of view, so it can be graduated in temperature scale divisions. The detector of the camera is composed of 420x315 pixels, i.e. 132300 "thermometers" monitoring the field of view. Due to no lighting required for proper operation of the camera, the device remains invisible in the night (an intruder can be unaware of its presence). Such cameras are ideal for monitoring large areas with no or scarce artificial lighting (forests, ports, unlit parking lots, etc).
Screenshots of images from the camera - the view of a man in a room and the temperature image of the inside of an electric circuit panel (in false colors)
Thermal Sunell cameras are among the world's best thermal imaging cameras. Thanks to using high-end infrared detector, proprietary image processing algorithm, and new-generation lens with high transmission factor in the infrared range, the camera works perfectly in all weather conditions (independently from fog, rain, etc). In addition to typical features and functions of IP cameras (e.g. motion detection), the camera has additional menu associated with thermal imaging. The indicator in the main field of view of the camera shows the point with the highest temperature that is displayed in digital form. With a mouse, the user can place the pointer anywhere in the field of view and read the local temperature. The user of the camera can set up to 5 different detection areas with different types of temperature alarms. All the mechanisms of temperature detection, threshold settings, regions of interest are implemented directly in the camera. When the camera is connected to any IP NVR supporting ONVIF protocol, all temperature markers can be recorded along with the images. The configuration is performed via a web browser. Additionally, the user can define up to five regions of interest, with the same characteristics as ​​the main window. However, the thresholds and kinds of temperature alarms can be set independently. The camera is supplied with a resource CD-ROM with a special version of NVMS, dedicated for thermal cameras. Aside from motion detection, the camera supports two types of warnings/alarms with independent thresholds for warnings and alarms:
  • Threshold Alarm - the camera triggers warning/alarm after defined temperature thresholds have been exceeded
  • Temperature Difference Alarm - the camera triggers warning/alarm after a defined temperature difference has been exceeded between the coldest and hottest point in the detection area
The SN-TPC4200KT/F camera is an IP device for fixed applications. The camera can be connected directly to an NVR or be operated via IP network. By integrating in a single system "normal" IP CCTV cameras and thermal imaging cameras, the effectiveness of the video surveillance system can be greatly increased. Thanks to IP technology, the users can have direct access to live images from the optical and thermal cameras, as well to the recordings from the both types of the cameras via local network and also via the Internet (if so configured).
Example applications of the thermal imaging camera:
  • Intrusion detection even in bad weather conditions (parking lots, forests, water reservoirs, hydroelectric plants, ports, other areas with no or scarce artificial lighting). The camera can effectively spot intruders day and night, despite rain, snow, fog, dust.
  • Inspection of electric lines/cables, transformer and switching stations - an incorrect contact in an electric circuit means increased resistance for the current passing through and an additional amount of electrical energy converted into heat. The place with higher temperature is clearly visible in the image from the thermal imaging camera. The user can diagnose improper contacts, overloaded fuses, cables and transmission lines, overheated transformers.
  • Machinery - detection of overloaded elements, bad cooling, increased friction; diagnostics of engines, bearings, gears, belts, shafts, gearboxes, pumps, compressors, blowers etc.
  • Water supply and sewage systems - examination of the condition of water pipes and their insulation, location of leaks or blockage of pipes, diagnostics of pumps, valves, degree of filling of tanks etc.
  • Tank level monitoring - the temperature distribution shown on the image from the thermal camera can be used to estimate the fill level of closed containers.
  • Monitoring of the cooling process in the development and production of die-cast components - the uniformity of temperature in the components during the cooling process is very important for the quality of the products. Diff Alarm function implemented in the Sunell camera can automatically detect a situation in which the temperature difference exceeds a predetermined value.
  • Monitoring and diagnostics of solar systems - damage to solar collectors could lead to reduced system performance or to a huge rise in temperature resulting in the risk of fire.
  • Examination of temperature distribution on asphalt roads.
  • Detection of hot spots in order to avoid fire.
The price applies to the model with 8 mm lens and operating temperature range -10°C ... +50°C. For information on the price of another model (a different lens, other operating temperature range), please contact us by phone or email.
Table listing optional models of the camera (with different lens and operating temperature range.
No. Lens Model The price depends on the oper. temperature range and focal length of the lens (-)
-10 do 50°C -30 do 50°C
1 8 mm SN-TPC4200K/F08 - -
2 15 mm SN-TPC4200K/F15 - -
3 25 mm SN-TPC4200K/F25 - -
4 35 mm SN-TPC4200K/F35 - -
5 55 mm SN-TPC4200K/F55 - -
Name SN-TPC4200KT/F
Code K1606
Housing type
Category / system Thermal imaging / IP
Sensor type
Uncooled IRFPA Microbolometer
Sensor resolution (pixels)
420 x 315
Pixel pitch
25 µm
Spectral range 8-14 µm
Sensitivity 50 mK
Recording triggered by motion/temperature detection
Optional lenses (focal length) 8/15/25/35/50 mm
Field of view (FOV)
(depending on the lens)
75.4x54.4° / 39.7x29.8° /
23.7x17.9° / 17x12.8° / 11.9x9°
Vehicle detection distance
(depending on the lens)
350/600/1000/1500/2000 m
Person (1.8 m) detection distance
(depending on the lens)
150/350/500/800/1100 m
Vehicle recognition distance
(depending on the lens)
200/350/600/850/1200 m
Person (1.8 m) recognition distance
(depending on the lens)
100/200/300/450/650 m
Vehicle's temperature detection distance
(depending on the lens)
100/200/350/500/650 m
Person's temperature detection distance
(depending on the lens)
50/100/180/250/320 m
Compression methods
H.264, MJPEG
Bit rate
50-400 kbps
Audio compression G.711,RAW_PCM
Video format
720 x 480, 30 fps
Image color modes
Black-Heat, White-Heat,
Rainbow, Iron-Red
DVE image enhancement YES (0-6)
3D noise reduction
Image layout
Vertical, Horizontal, Vertical and horizontal
Protocols IPv4/v6, RTSP/RTMP/RTCP,
Alarm events Temperature threshold, Motion detection, Connection loss, HDD, External alarm
RTSP Standard RFC2326, QuickTime, VLC Player
Languages English, Chinese
Network interface RJ-45 10/100Base-T
Audio IN/OUT 1/1
Alarm IN/OUT
BNC output
Reset button
Power 12 VDC, PoE IEEE 802.3af
Power consumption
max. 5W
Operating temperature range
-10°C ... +50°C
(-30°C ... 50°C to order)
Detection temperature range
-10°C ... 200°C
IP rating
Dimensions Φ110 × 377 mm
Weight 1.68 kg