Transformer AWT830 (230/16.5 VAC)

Code: G6750
This product is no longer available
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The AWT830 transformer is used to reduce 230 VAC voltage of AC power line to 16.5 VAC. The step-down transformer with maximum load of 30 VA is recommended to power ROPAM notification modules. The transformer fits into the O-R3D housing.
Name AWT830
Code G6750
Input voltage [VAC] (50 Hz) 230
Output voltage [VAC] 16.5
Max. output current [A] 1.8
Max. load [VA] 30
Protection [mA] 160 (T-type fuse in primary circuit)
Environmental class
II (-10°C÷40°C)
Weight [kg] 0.56


Model AWT830
type Transformer
Brand Pulsar
Applications indoor
Supply voltage AC V 230
Transformer output voltages AC V 16,5
Output rating 16.5 V/AC A 1,8
Transformer power output VA 30
Fuse 1 × 0.16 A 23 mm
Dimensions mm 88 × 60 × 54
Weight kg 0,56