Transmodulator 4xDVB-S/S2/S2X Multistream – 2xDVB-T/C TMS-214 with a CI slot ALCAD



The TMS-214 R82614 transmodulator is a device enabling distribution and management of satellite TV content in a private TV system. The TMS-214 module R82614 used to convert a DVB-S/S2 signal into a DVB-T/DVB-C signal. The device is capable of receiving "multistream" signals and enables reception of both free-to-air and encrypted channels (built-in CAM CI module). One panel TMS-214 R82614 receives the entire signal package from four satellite transponders and creates two adjacent DVB-T (max. capacity 31.68 Mbps) or DVB-C (max. capacity 53 Mbps) multiplexes. In practice, this means several channels in standard SD/HD resolution for each multiplex. The system administrator selects the channels of interest from a given satellite stream and then creates two adjacent DVB-T/C multiplexes. It is possible to create one DVB-T/C multiplex from four different satellite transponders and then decode the pay channels for the newly created DVB-T/C package. When remultiplexing the streams, a safety margin of 10% should be kept in mind when determining the maximum bit rate for the entire multiplex. If the limit is exceeded, it is possible to feed the signal to further TMS-214 R82614 modules. The digital DVB-T/C signal available at the output is supplied to the end receivers, usually with the use of splitters/tappliers. Such a solution works best in modern hotel systems, distributing high-quality programmes, including high-definition HD channels.

  • conversion of DVB-S/S2 signal (multistream compatible) to DVB-T/DVB-C signal
  • conversion of DVB-S/S2 signal from four satellite transponders to 2 DVB-T/C multiplexes
  • reception of uncoded and encoded channels (CAM CI compatible)
  • channel selection and filtering of unnecessary services in the digital stream
  • simple control interface via RJ-45 port, which greatly simplifies the installation procedure
  • web-based control
  • reading the history of events (logs) from the panel
  • AGC function (automatic control of signal amplification).
No programmer is required to program the TMS-214 R82614, and the module is configured from a web browser via the RJ-45 port.
The TMS-214 R82614 panel is equipped with a CI (Common Interface) connector. In the case of receiving encrypted programmes, it is necessary to mount an appropriate conditional access module (for the coding system of the selected transponder). The card inserted into it decodes the signal from selected channels of a given satellite transponder.
Supported coding standards: Viaccess, Mediaguard, Videoguard, Seca, Betacrypt, Nagravision, Irdeto, Crytoworks, Conax. One CAM module supports encrypted TV services for several transponders only if these several transponders use the same CAM decryption services.
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Product type Transmodulator
Name TMS-214
Conversion DVB-S/S2 × Multistream --->DVB-T/C
RF input Number of supported transponders 4
Number of F-connectors 2
Channels FTA (uncoded) Yes
Coded (CI slot) Yes
Specyfikacja techniczna
RF input Frequency range MHz 950...2150
Power supply/control DiSEqC 2.0 DC 13/18 V 350 mA
standard DVB-S/S2 × Multistream
Impedance Ohm 75
RF output standard DVB-T/C
Number of DVB-T MUXes 2
Number of DVB-C MUXes 2
Modulation DVB-C: 16QAM, 32QAM, 64QAM,128QAM, 256QAM, DVB-T: QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM
Frequency range MHz 47...862
Signal strength dBµV 80
Signal pos. adjustment dB 0...20
Impedance Ohm 75
MER dB 39
Channel bands MHz 6, 7, 8
FFT mode 2K/8K
Symbol rate Ms/s 1...8
RF output Bandwidth Mbps 2 × 31 (DVB-T) or 2 × 53 (DVB-C)
Configuration Port RJ-45 (web browser)
IP address, Password: alcad, User: alcad
Remote Yes
Current drawn V/A DC 12/1.1
Operating temperature °C -10...+50
Dimensions mm 256 × 138 × 29