Triple Frame (for Satel flush outlets)


3-year warranty.



The R62970 triple frame integrates any three SATEL outlets. The frame is made of high quality ABS plastics. Operating temperature: -40oC ... +55oC.
The list of outlets that can be installed in the R62970 triple frame:
  • Flush Outlet: Satel GAR-BG-DK (end-of-line) R62110
  • Flush Outlet: GAR-2F-BG-DK (end-of-line) R62115
  • Flush TV/FM Outlet: GAR-TVP8/RS5 (end-of-line) R62120
  • Single Computer Outlet: GMK-M8-1 R62140
  • Double Computer Outlet: GMK-M8-2 R62141
  • AC Power Outlet (flush-mounted, w. ground connector, 16A/250V) R62150
  • Flush Outlet: Satel GAR-BG-DK-SAT (end-of-line) R62196
  • Flush Outlet: GAR-3F-BG-DK-SAT (end-of-line) R62197
  • Pass-through Flush Outlet: GAP-10-BG-DK (10dB) R62370
  • Pass-through Flush Outlet: GAP-14-BG-DK (14dB) R62380
  • Pass-through Flush Outlet: GAP-16-BG-DK (16dB) R62385
There is also double frame - R62950.


Product type Frame for sockets
Applications Satel sockets
Number of sockets 3
Material ABS