TRISET cable family

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TRISET family of coaxial cables gained the "Product of the Year" award during SatKrak exhibition which took place in Krakow, October 18-20, 2007. DIPOL company got the prize in the "Best Accessories" category.
The statuette for the "Product of the Year" - TRISET family
Because of transition towards HDTV standards, the distribution cables have to ensure higher quality of transmission.
The main requirements for modern coaxial cables include perfect transmission parameters, such as shielding effectiveness (protection against external interferences).
TRISET cable family belongs to the group of distribution cables that features the best screening efficiency in the market. It practically eliminates the negative influence of common electromagnetic fields on the signal quality. TRISET cables also have low attenuation.
DIPOL offers TRISET-113 PVC (for indoor applications), TRISET-113 PE (gel-filled cable for outdoor applications), TRISET-113 HF (halogen-free), TRISET-11 PE and HF.

The SatKrak trade fair and exhibition is addressed mainly to specialists in satellite technology. It is attended by all significant Polish companies operating in this field, being a panorama of the Polish satellite market.
The prize has been awarded as the result of two-stage selection: voting of the Satkurier readers and verdict of the jury composed of technical experts.
The "Product of the Year" prize, given by Mr. Janusz Sulisz, the editor-in-chief of "Satkurier", is picked up by Tadeusz Szydlowski from DIPOL.