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Installation Components

Construction Products Regulation (CPR) - new requirements for cables
The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) is a REGULATION (EU) No 305/2011 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 9 March 2011 laying down harmonized conditions for the marketing of construction products and repealing Council Directive 89/106/EEC (Construction Product Directive). The regulation "lays down conditions for the placing or making available on the market of construction products by establishing harmonized rules on how to express the performance of construction products in relation to their essential characteristics and on the use of CE marking on those products."
Single-cable multiswitches -TERRA dSCR (Unicable system)
Legacy multiswitches operate in the 950 to 2150 MHz range and together with a Quatro LNB allow for distribution of DVB-S/S2 satellite programming, DVB-T terrestrial broadcasts, analog FM/ radio broadcasts from one master antenna set to many DVB-S/S2 receivers, TVs, stereos. The job of a multiswitch is to enable any satellite receiver in the system to tune to any satellite channel (polarization/band pair) across the whole range of satellite reception. For this purpose, such a receiver sends via its input and coaxial cable suitable commands (14/18 V supply voltage, 0/22 kHz switching tone, and, ...
Transmission and distribution of HDMI signals
HDMI is now the most commonly used connector in sources of different kinds of multimedia content. In situations where there is a need to send an HDMI signal at a distance greater than 30 meters (maximum length of HDMI cables), or in a place where such a cable cannot be installed, it is reasonable to use the appropriate media converter that allows the transmission of the signal from the HDMI source using other type of transmission cable, more suitable for that application.
Hotel TV systems - headends and amplifiers
One of the criteria for classification of TV systems in hotels is the programming to be distributed. The simplest systems may provide only free-to-air terrestrial TV broadcasts, whereas more advanced solutions will include satellite channels, also some premium ones (pay-TV). The content required by the owner/investor will depend on the categories of prospective hotel guests (foreign and thematic channels etc).
TERRA multiswitches - new quality of SMATV systems
TERRA products dedicated for shared antenna systems are first-class equipment with a four-year warranty. SMATV distribution networks based on these devices ensure reliable operation for a long time.
Compression connectors for antenna and CCTV systems
Connectors play a very important role in any transmission line. Their construction and quality have direct influence on connection stability, attenuation, return loss, mechanical strength. DIPOL offers a new generation of connectors - compression connectors meeting the most stringent requirements and standards.
Digital DVB-T modulators - assortment and applications
Conversion of baseband audio-video (A/V) signals into radio frequency (RF) channel is called modulation. This process allows for distribution of the signals coming from all kinds of sources, such as computers, DVD players, security cameras etc. through antenna systems. The device used for this purpose (modulator) is equipped with one pair or a set of A/V inputs (SCART, RCA, HDMI) and RF output. The output signal injected into the antenna system is available in the distribution network as additional TV channel (or multiplex - in the case of DVB-T modulator and two or more A/V signals) that can ...
Professional multiswitch systems
Article on small, medium and large multiswitch installations. How to choose proper multiswitches and cabling. Use of multiswitch systems for distributing terrestrial TV signals.
Multiswitch installations allow to distribute satellite and terrestrial programs to many users, being one of the forms of satellite master antenna TV systems (SMATV). Community systems are generally more reliable and ensure better quality, due to better, professional equipment. It starts from the satellite dish - at least 110cm, ensuring high gain and insensitivity to weather conditions. Community installation ...
Choosing a multiswitch...
The choice of a multiswitch depends on the number of users, received satellites and bands, and employed converters (LNBs). We have worked out table and diagrams, which are useful for those who want to crystallize their plans of building SMATV system. As example multiswitches we mainly present Terra devices, although the instances given can be considered as a general concept.
Satellite converters - LNBs
Satellite converter (often called LNB - Low Noise Block) is the device used for amplification and transition of signals from the ranges 10.7-11.7 and 11.7-12.75 GHz into the band of first intermediate satellite frequency (IF - 950-2150 MHz).
Theory and use of channel amplifiers
A common problem that is encountered in terrestrial TV antenna installations is unbalance of the level of received channels, often about 10-20 dB. In case of small installations (5-20 outlets) such a difference (not recommended) usually doesn't make any trouble yet. It is the real problem for bigger installations, where the difference of levels at the input is increased by inconstant (being a function of frequency) attenuation of cables and may easily exceed (in an outlet) the accepted limit (12 dB) all over the band.
SIGNAL - Taps, Splitters, Outlets
PDF guide on the rules of selecting passive distribution components in antenna installations (individual, MATV, SMATV). So far available in Polish.
Splitters and taps
To ensure proper S/N ratio, the isolation between any two receivers should be at least 50 dB.When the receivers are connected to the same tap, the isolation depends on the Ao, A, and As attenuation, and the lengths of the cable between tap outputs and subscriber outlets.