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SMATV Systems

Designing FM/TV and SAT TV distribution systems in multi-dwelling units
The article introduces concepts of implementing distribution systems of terrestrial and satellite radio and TV signals in multifamily buildings. Any subscriber is able to receive terrestrial FM/DAB/TV signals broadcast in the area, and satellite radio/TV signals from two satellite positions. All the signals come from one master antenna set... (in translation)
SignalNET - telecommunications and RF distribution systems in multi-dwelling units
The article introduces concepts of implementing integrated telecommunications and RF distribution systems in multifamily buildings, which are compliant with new regulations in Poland. Similar regulations apply or will apply in other EU countries.
Construction Products Regulation (CPR) - new requirements for cables
The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) is a REGULATION (EU) No 305/2011 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 9 March 2011 laying down harmonized conditions for the marketing of construction products and repealing Council Directive 89/106/EEC (Construction Product Directive). The regulation "lays down conditions for the placing or making available on the market of construction products by establishing harmonized rules on how to express the performance of construction products in relation to their essential characteristics and on the use of CE marking on those products."
Single-cable multiswitches -TERRA dSCR (Unicable system)
Legacy multiswitches operate in the 950 to 2150 MHz range and together with a Quatro LNB allow for distribution of DVB-S/S2 satellite programming, DVB-T terrestrial broadcasts, analog FM/ radio broadcasts from one master antenna set to many DVB-S/S2 receivers, TVs, stereos. The job of a multiswitch is to enable any satellite receiver in the system to tune to any satellite channel (polarization/band pair) across the whole range of satellite reception. For this purpose, such a receiver sends via its input and coaxial cable suitable commands (14/18 V supply voltage, 0/22 kHz switching tone, and, ...
Hotel TV systems - headends and amplifiers
One of the criteria for classification of TV systems in hotels is the programming to be distributed. The simplest systems may provide only free-to-air terrestrial TV broadcasts, whereas more advanced solutions will include satellite channels, also some premium ones (pay-TV). The content required by the owner/investor will depend on the categories of prospective hotel guests (foreign and thematic channels etc).
Fiber-optic TV systems
Under EU rules, by 2020 each citizen of the European Union is to have the technical ability to access the Internet with download speed at least 20 Mbps. In this respect, some EU countries introduced regulations aimed at accelerating this process. In some of them, each newly built residential building should be equipped with fiber-optic infrastructure. This type of cabling can be used not only in the implementation of access to high-speed Internet, but also proves to be an excellent medium for other services, including distribution of TV/SAT programming. Multiswitch systems providing access ...
Coaxial cables recommended for SMATV and HFC/CATV systems
SMATV systems based on multiswitches are multi-cable installations, with different signals in each cable and long cable sections (up to hundred or so meters, depending on the size of the multifamily building). So, there is a risk of crosstalk effects (inducing interference in neighbor cables) that would deteriorate the performance of such systems. To avoid crosstalk between coaxial cables going in parallel, they should fulfill requirements for A, A+ or A++ class.
Terra - the European leader of CATV/SMATV solutions
TERRA is one of the largest manufacturers of specialized equipment for the reception and distribution of satellite TV signals (DVB-S/S2), terrestrial broadcasts (DVB-T), and cable television (DVB-C) in Europe. The story goes back to the end of 1980, when the company supplied the Russian and Lithuanian markets with analog satellite receivers and LNBs.
Digital DVB-T modulators - assortment and applications
Conversion of baseband audio-video (A/V) signals into radio frequency (RF) channel is called modulation. This process allows for distribution of the signals coming from all kinds of sources, such as computers, DVD players, security cameras etc. through antenna systems. The device used for this purpose (modulator) is equipped with one pair or a set of A/V inputs (SCART, RCA, HDMI) and RF output. The output signal injected into the antenna system is available in the distribution network as additional TV channel (or multiplex - in the case of DVB-T modulator and two or more A/V signals) that can ...
SMATV Systems
Community TV installations intended to receive satellite television, often called SMATV systems (Satellite Master Antenna TV), seem to be the most effective and economical method of reception of satellite broadcasts, especially in densely populated urban areas. They allow to avoid a great number of individual dishes on the facades or roof of the building
Terra multiswitch system - from design to implementation
This article concisely presents the process of designing and implementing a multiswitch system in one of multifamily buildings in Krakow - from specification of requirements for the project to the completion and operation of the system.
Adaptation of SMATV / MATV / shared antenna systems for reception of DVB-T broadcasts
Our intention in creating this document was to inform prospective investors, project offices and installation companies on the issues connected with (S)MATV / shared antenna systems, in particular, their modernization and adaptation to the requirements of DVB-T.