TV/SAT Combiner - Splitter RS-02Ms DCTV

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TV/SAT Combiner-splitter RS-02Ms DCTV (outdoor) enables summing up TV/SAT signals and send +12V DC power to a TV antenna.
• Used as a splitter-combiner for TV/SAT signals
• For outdoor use
• Provides +12 V power to TV antenna and 14-18 V power to LNB
• Provided with a +12 V stabilizer in TV antenna power supply
• Attenuation <1.5 dB.


3-year warranty.



RS-02M combiner/splitter is used to deliver +12V power to an FM/TV antenna (marked with RTV). The device is equipped with +12V stabilizer for amplifiers commonly used with terrestrial FM/TV antennas. It may also be used as a separator for SAT and terrestrial signals. The item is an outdoor version of R85310 and from the electronic point of view, it is still the same device.


Product type TV+SAT multiplexer
Name RS-02Ms DCTV
Manufacturer AMS
Number and type of inputs 1 × DVB-T, 1 × SAT
Operating band MHz DVB-T: 87 – 694, SAT: 950 – 2400
Loss dB 1,5
Connector type F
DC pass-through DVB-T Yes