TV Optical Transmitter TERRA OT501W (SAT/DVB-T, 6dBm)



The TERRA OT501W A9872 optical transmitter is used for transmission of television signals via optical medium. It converts input satellite signals from a quatro LNB, and DTT (DVB-T) and radio (DAB and FM) signals (the terrestrial signals have to be combined by a triplexer) from a set of terrestrial antennas. The built-in WDM multiplexer transmits the two groups of signals separately, in the II transmission window (1310 nm) and III transmission window (1550 nm), which guarantees exceptional quality of the transmission. The optical output (FC/APC - Angled Physical Contact) of the OT501W A9872 transmitter provides optical signal at 6 dBm level allowing for splitting and distribution of the signal even to 32 nodes (OR501W QUATRO + DVB-T A9877 or OR501MW QUAD + DVB-T A9875 receivers/converters) deployed in a radius up to 10 km, connected via single-mode fibers. The exact number of the connection points and the maximum distances from the signal source can be determined during the planning of optical power budget. Each input of the transmitter is equipped with automatic gain control (AGC) ensuring signal stability (compensation of signal level fluctuation associated with changing weather conditions - rain, heavy clouds etc.). Consequently, the output optical signal has a constant modulation depth.
Key features
  • Fiber-optic cabling
  • One single-mode fiber instead of 5- or 9-cable bus composed of coaxial cables.
  • Die-cast housing with high screening efficiency – class A.
  • Application of traditional QUATRO LNB – the dish and the LNB can be setup with the use of a traditional SAT TV meter.
  • Stable signal levels thanks to AGC in the optical transmitter and OLC (Optical Level Control) in optical receivers.
  • The converter/transmitter is not mounted to the dish, so it can be located in more favorable conditions e.g. in the attic, which improves stability and reliability of the system.
  • Optical power budget of 21 dB – the signal from the optical transmitter can be divided by splitters up to 32 paths, each long up to 10 km. The exact number of the connection points and the maximum distances from the signal source can be determined by planning the optical power budget.
  • Each of the paths terminated with optical node (optical receiver/converter with output signals like QUATRO LNB) can be connected with a multiswitch or a group of multiswitches. The total number of subscriber outlets in a system with one optical transmitter can exceed 1000.
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Below – an example of optical SMATV system based on TERRA equipment distributing satellite TV, digital terrestrial television (DVB-T) and radio signals (DAB and FM).


Product type Optical transmitter
Name OT501W
Signal type TV/SAT
Manufacturer TERRA
Input – RF signal
connector type F
Output type 4 × SAT: VL/VH/HL/HH, 1 × DVB-T/T2
Zakres częstotliwości wej. RF MHz 1 × 47-862, 2 × 1100-2150, 2 × 950-1950
Poziom sygnału wej. RF dBµV DVB-T: 69-89 (total), 60-80 (mux), SAT: 75-95 (total), 60-80 (transponder)
Input impedance Ohm 75
Return loss dB > 10
Output – optical signal
connector type FC/APC
Laser type FP
wavelength nm 1310 (SAT), 1550 (DVB-T)
power output dBm 6
Number of optical outputs pcs. 1
Other parameters
Power supply for antenna preamplifier DC V/A 9/0.1
Supply voltage DCV 12 – 24
Power consumption W 11 (no external load), 18 (with external load)
Operating temperature range °C -10...+40
Dimensions mm 108 × 190 × 54
Weight kg 1,44