Twin Channel Amplifier: Terra at420 (UHF, analog TV & DVB-T, AGC)



Twin Channel Amplifier: Terra at420 (UHF, analog TV & DVB-T, AGC)
Twin Channel Amplifier: Terra at420 (UHF, analog TV & DVB-T, AGC)
Twin Channel Amplifier: Terra at420 (UHF, analog TV & DVB-T, AGC)
Views of the amplifier
Twin Channel Amplifier: Terra at420 (UHF, analog TV & DVB-T, AGC)
View of the included accessories: connecting bridge, wall mount (wall installation option) and spacer (to insert between the amplifier and an adjacent module)
Distinguishing features
  • Two independent paths (sections),
  • Amplification of two analog TV channels or two DVB-T multiplexes from the whole UHF band (470...862 MHz, ch. 21-69),
  • AGC - automatic equalization of all channel levels to 90 dBuV (analog mode) or 85 dBuV (DVB-T mode),
  • Channel offset: -1...+1 MHz (0.25 MHz step),
  • High modulation error rate (MER): >36 dB,
  • Selectivity 40 dB at +/-1.25 MHz (analog) or at +/-2 MHz (DVB-T) from channel borders due to ultra selective SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) filters,
  • Output level adjustment: 0...-10 dB,
  • Digital interface with buttons located on the front panel,
  • Two-position display,
  • 12 VDC / 0.1 A power for a preamplifier,
  • DIN rail mounting (usually in a 19" RACK cabinet),
  • Perfect for the transitional period when broadcasters often change the frequency and power of DVB-T multiplexes.
At420 R82510 is a double highly selective tunable amplifier capable of filtering, amplifying and equalizing antenna signals in the whole UHF band, in analog or digital (DVB-T) mode. The output channels/multiplexes can then be distributed in large MATV systems - in multifamily buildings, hotels, public buildings, etc. Its high modulation error rate (MER), not lower than 36 dB, provides an excellent reception of digital terrestrial TV broadcasts even in very extensive systems.
Each of the two independent paths can amplify one DVB-T multiplex or analog TV channel. It means that one module can amplify two digital multiplexes. The paths are equipped with automatic gain control (AGC) and ultra selective SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) filters.
The device is digitally adjustable with three buttons located on the front panel. Thanks to exceptional flexibility and AGC, the device is perfect for the transitional period when broadcasters often change the frequency and power of DVB-T multiplexes.
The automatic gain control ensures:
  • automatic equalization of signal levels - for input levels within 50-80 dBuV range for digital multiplexes and 60-85 dBuV range for analog channels - to 80 dBuV (DVB-T) and 85 dBuV (analog TV). This function eliminates the need of manual adjustments of signal levels at the installation and maintenance stages;
  • automatic gain adjustment in the case of changes of transmitter parameters.
The amplifier can be powered with a 12 VDC power supply with minimum current capacity of 0.45 A (for one unit). In the case of a greater number of the units, the best choice is the dedicated power supply DR-60-12 R82532. The at420 amplifier has the ability to power terrestrial TV masthead preamplifier (12 VDC, max 100 mA).
The unit can be installed on a wall (with the wall mount), or placed on universal DIN rail R82538 in a 19" RACK cabinet.
The complete Terra solution for MATV (shared antenna) systems includes a range of components that can be selected according to the current needs and requirements of customers:
  • R82510 - at420 - twin channel amplifier
  • R82511 - at440 - four-channel amplifier
  • R82515 - mt420 - twin VSB TV modulator
  • R82520 - ma400 - high-level multiband amplifier (FM/VHFIII/UHF)
  • R82532 - DR-60-12 - DIN rail power supply capable of powering up to 8 system devices
  • R82536 - 699.20 - DC distribution cable for 4 modules
  • R82538 - universal DIN rail mounting bracket matching 19-inch RACK cabinets for up to 8 system devices and power supply
  • R82540 - 699.026 - F-F coaxial bridge for signal links between adjacent modules
An example set of the amplifiers and modulators for a MATV system. For maximum system stability,
the number of modules on each side of the power supply should not exceed 4 units.
Name at420
Code R82510
Number of channels (sections)
Tuning range of channels 470...862 MHz (ch. 21...69. ch. width 8 MHz)
RF input
operation mode (#) analog digital
level/impedance [dBμV/ Ω] (#) 60-85/75 50-80/75
frequency range [MHz] 47-862
loop-through gain [dB] 0 +/-1.5
return loss [dB] > 12
RF output
level [dBμV] 90 85
MER (digital signals) [dB] - > 36
level adjustment [dB] (#) 0...-10 (step 1)
return loss [dB] > 10
Noise figure [dB] 8
Selectivity (PAL B/G)
40 dB at +/-1.25 MHz from channel borders -
Selectivity (DVB-T)
- 40 dB. +/-2 MHz from channel borders
Offset [MHz]  (#) +/-1 (step 0.25)
Spurious signals level [dBc] < -55 
Gain ripple [dB] +/-1.5
Power for masthead amplifier (#)  12 VDC / 0.1 A max
Supplying voltage [VDC]  12
Current consumption [A] 0.45
Operating temperature [ºC] 0...50
Dimensions [mm] 198x107.5x36
Weight [kg] 0.9
(#) menu controlled


Product type Channel amplifier
Name at420
RF input number 1
No. of MUXes supported 2
Operating band UHF
Applications Indoor
standard DVB-T/T2
AGC function Yes
Selectivity dB 40 ± 2 MHz from the channel boundary
Specyfikacja techniczna
UHF 1 input Frequency range MHz 470...862
Gain dB AGC
Preamplifier power supply V/A DC 12/0.1
Max. Input level dBµV 50...80
Impedance Ohm 75
Return loss dB >10
RF output Signal strength dBµV 85
Impedance Ohm 75
MER dB ≥ 36
level control dB -10...0 with step 1
Offset MHz ± 1 with a step of 0.25
Return loss dB >10
Noise ratio dB 8
RF combiner Frequency range MHz 47...862
Gain dB 0
Configuration display + buttons
Ultra selective SAW filter Yes
Built-in power supply No
Current drawn V/A DC 12/0.45
RACK 19” mounting Yes
Operating temperature °C 0...+50
Weight kg 0,9
Dimensions mm 36 × 107,5 × 198