ULTIMODE A-233 single-mode adapter, 2xLC/UPC - 2xLC/UPC, duplex

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The ULTIMODE A-233 single-mode adapter allows connection of two optical fibers terminated with LC/UPC connectors.
• Adapter type: duplex
• Connectors: 2x LC/UPC - 2x LC/UPC
• Attenuation: < 0.2 dB
• Application: single-mode networks


3-year warranty.



The ULTIMODE A-233 single-mode adapter allows connextion of two single-mode optical fibers terminated with LC/UPC or LC/PC connectors.
Duplex adapter - allows connection two plugs on each side.
Blue color, characteristic for "Ultra Physical Contact (UPC)" and "Physical Contact (PC)" connections.
ULTIMODE fiber optic adapters are characterized by high quality (ceramic ferrule) and precise positioning of plug ferrules, which results in low connection attenuation (< 0.2 dB).
Key features:
  • adapter type: duplex,
  • connectors: 2x LC/UPC - 2x LC/UPC,
  • attenuation: < 0.2 dB,
  • ceramic ferrule,
  • application: single-mode networks.


Product type Fiber optic adapters
Name A-233
Applications Single-mode
type Duplex
Socket – Socket
Connector type A LC/UPC
Connector type B LC/UPC
Loss dB < 0.2
Trwałość > 1000 cykli
Temperatura pracy °C -40...+85